Monday, June 25, 2007 - 15:37
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UPDATED: July 24th (slipped beta by a few days and final by a week) Here is a tentative release schedule for v1.8. As in any software project, these dates are tentative and subject to delays. However, based on past history they should be pretty close. Check out the 1.8 Release Roadmap for a summary of features and improvements. We'll be looking for lots of volunteers to start pounding on the Alpha Sandbox next week - announcement to follow shortly.
June 18thCode and Schema FreezeAll major features coded, branch for v1.8
June 18thRegression TestingEngineering team tests all 1.6 and 1.7 resolved issues. Run unit and selenium tests
July 2ndIssue TestingEngineering team tests all 1.8 resolved issues
July 2ndInitial 1.8 Alpha ReleaseAlpha sandbox available for public review and testing. First Alpha tarballs published.
July 26thInitial 1.8 Beta ReleaseUpgrade demo to use v1.8 beta
August 14thRelease v1.8 Final
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