CiviCRM is now memcached enabled ...

2006-12-29 01:07
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I just checked in a few changes that allows a CiviCRM install to use a memcached server if available. We use the php memcached integration to make this possible. To use this feature you'll need to do the following
  • Compile php with the --enable-memcache flag
  • Download and install memcached. Get the memcached daemon running on localhost and the default port (11211)
  • Define the CIVICRM_USE_MEMCACHE constant in your civicrm.settings.php file
Thats all there is to it. Currently we are storing the Config object and all the PseudoConstants in memcached and are seeing some performance improvements. As we figure out more bottlenecks, we'll migrate a few more core objects to the memcached partition. We'll need to tweak things a bit to move this to production, but this looks like a pretty good first step. Overall, I'm quite happy with the integration and how easy it was to integrate this into CiviCRM. Helps to have a modular architecture :)
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