Friday, October 20, 2006 - 16:53
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We have been thinking it would be useful to share our team goals with the community on a regular basis - so folks have a clearer idea of what we're working on (without wading through the details in the Issue Tracker).

We currently have 39 open issues on the 1.6 queue - and we need to knock-off at least 10 next week in order to be on-track for 1.6 beta. Here's the issues we'd definitely like to resolve:

  • Link custom fields to specific types of activities, relationships, etc. (CRM-1177).
  • Get CiviMember membership signup working with PayPal Express (CRM-1307).
  • Add support for free membership signup. This should also allow for contribution pages which solicit in-kind (non-monetary) contributions.
  • Implement Access Control (ACL) functionality for searches and custom data (CRM-1308).
  • Implement CiviContribute plugin for an additional payment processor ( or possibly PayPal Website Payments Standard).
  • Move CiviCRM Configuration Settings into the database and provide an admin interface for editing them (CRM-1291).
  • Integrate latest AMaViS package into CiviMail (CRM-1178).