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As Andrew wrote earlier this week, the post-CiviCon code sprint in Tahoe, CA, has divided up into smaller teams in an effort to bring version 4.5 to feature-freeze. I've been working in Kurund's group, and I've been nominated to report on our progress thus far. As we head into Day 4 of the sprint, we've closed 15 of the 26 issues assigned to our group and tackled a few issues in other groups' queues.

Tyrell Cook has been on general bug-squashing duty. He fixed a bug wherein activity search results would not display view and edit links for activities which had had their activity types renamed and fixed an issue with profiles wherein saved "County" values would not be pre-populated on edit screens. Additionally, he tackled a complex issue with inaccurate group listings in cases where users had access to nested groups but not to the parent groups.

Lola Slade has been squashing bugs, too. She's fixed a few Drupal-integration bugs related to CiviMember Roles Sync and Drupal locales, silenced a number of PHP notices, and is closing in on fixes for bugs related to validation when building profiles

Adam Wight just joined our team yesterday and already squashed a bug which will help developers debug MySQL errors. He's working on a bigger project of migrating case-types from the OptionGroup table to a dedicated table named civicrm_case_type, which will make querying much more sane in the future.

In addition to managing and pair programming with everyone on his team, Kurund Jalmi completed quality assurance for recent changes to the relationship form which improve the user experience and incorporate some of the JavaScript sugar Coleman Watts has been writing about.

Finally, I've spent the bulk of my time on some nasty membership issues. In 4.4 and earlier, contribution forms had some issues around recurring memberships. If you've ever tried to set up a form which allows constituents to make a one-time gift while signing up for an auto-renewing membership, you'll have noticed (I hope!) that the membership fee is charged only once and the one-time gift is put on a recurrence schedule. Another problem you might have encountered is that, under certain conditions, if your consituent selects "No Thank You" for an additional contribution while signing up for membership, CiviCRM responds by doubling the membership fee. In 4.5, these issues are fixed. As an added bonus, contribution pages will now respect your "Contribution Amount Label" when used for memberships instead of defaulting to "Additional Contribution."

CiviCRM 4.5 is shaping up to the best CiviCRM release yet, thanks to the efforts of these dedicated and talented volunteers. I hope you'll join us at the code sprint following September's CiviCRM User Summit in Washington, DC.

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