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December 16, 2014
By ginkgoMZD Filed under CiviCRM

Ginkgo Street Labs recently hosted a webinar on the ‘Power of CiviCRM’, to talk about how organizations of all sizes are using this open-source software to solve a variety of challenges.

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November 24, 2014
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Whether your nonprofit or social good organization is small, like the local animal shelter, or large, like the Creative South conference, chances are volunteers mean a lot to your mission.

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November 18, 2014
By ginkgoMZD Filed under Extensions

Volunteers play an important role in nonprofit organizations not only in terms of the time they donate, but also because they serve as ambassadors for organizations and frequently become regular donors.  It takes time, effort and good tech tools to grow and manage their volunteer programs effectively. Recruiting, assuring training and skills, sending reminders and giving ongoing feedback are all important to having happy volunteers and a successful project.

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August 27, 2014
By ginkgoMZD Filed under CiviEvent, Extensions

If you are one of the early adopters of CiviVolunteer on 4.4.x and planning to upgrade to 4.5, your help is needed to test out the 4.5 release of CiviVolunteer 1.3.

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September 14, 2012
By ginkgoMZD Filed under CiviCRM, Extensions

Better volunteer management tools have been on the want list of many a CiviCRM user, dating back as far as 2006. Many of the organizations we work with require tools for managing volunteers apropos to specific events. For example, they may host periodic festivals requiring heavy volunteer participation to cover needs from ticket-taking, to crowd control, to staffing info tables, to A/V.

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