Friday, July 26, 2013 - 08:13
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Howdy partners!

Even though London has become hotter then the face of the sun over the past few days we've been busy beavering away on an update to the UK Gift Aid module to support compatability for Civi v4.3 and to add some new and exciting features.

You can of course download the module from the extensions directory (here) and full instructions of how to install and use are (here).

Updated features:

  • v4.3 compatability
  • Able to now select a batch from a drop down list in the contribution search
  • Able to remove contributions from a batch
  • Plays nicely with the online submission module so you cant remove submitted contributions from a batch
  • Able to change the gift aid percentage (now held in an option group)
  • Improved install and uninstall / extension compatablity
  • Several bug fixes

We've also got some exciting ideas instore for the v4.4 compatable release, but if you have any specific features you would like to see then do get in touch.

Otherwise wish you all well to use it. Feedback and comments always welcome and please post any bugs on the git hub.

All the best from the Compucorp team!



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