Wednesday, August 18, 2010 - 06:26
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I have developed very basic iphone app for CiviCRM using Titanium framework.

  • Allows users to "Search Contacts" from their remote CiviCRM database.
  • Add Individuals.
  • App uses CiviCRM REST interface so you can scale it according to your needs.
You can get the code from our public svn repository: Few screenshots:
If you want to check this app, first you need to install Titanium framework and then import above code as New project.
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How can I test this on an Android phone?

Can't wait to play!



Sarah, you will have to install Titanium and package same project for Android.


So I have Titanium downloaded, and the app installed I think. but when I run it all I get is a blank screen tat says "Welcome to Titanium".

Obviously I'm missing something, any idea what?

any chance we could get more detailed instructions on how to get it up and running?

Did you import the project? ping me on #civicrm

I tried this on Titanium Development tool for Linux with android sdk, since Linux doesn't support iphone sdk.
I am feeling very happy to see CiviCRM on mobile :)