Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - 08:13
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We at Web Access are happy to announce the release of Simple Donate 1.2 and CiviMobile 2.0. Both the extension are compatible with CiviCRM 4.7.

“Simple Donate” extension allows the administrator to link existing donation pages with our new sleek, user-friendly and responsive donation page.
For more info check:

"CiviMobile" extension provides a user with a mobile friendly interface for CiviCRM to perform specific tasks.
For more info check:

You can get the code from our GitHub repos:


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Thank you for these great extensions. Is there any documentation on how civimobile works? Will I log in the regular way using my mobile device browser and then be re-directed to mobile friendly pages and menus?



I'd like to echo Fabian's thanks for the continuing development of the CiviMobile. I've installed the module, but how do I access it now on my mobile device?  I can't see anything obvious and there doesn't seem to be documentation.

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If you want to access CiviMobile directly you can login on mobile using this url <sitename>civicrm/mobile/login

Using CiviMobile

- Install the extension
- CiviMobile menu item will be added to the navigation menu
- Clicking on the CiviMobile menu will switch you to CiviMobile interface

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