Thursday, October 17, 2013 - 17:07
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Hello to all who were at the Dalesbridge Sprint

Remember the garden?


A few more pix  here 

I greatly appreciated the opportunity to attend the sprint and learnt a great deal. Many thanks to all who helped.

I especially appreciate the development of tools like Civix to make it a lot more straightforward to get started with developing Civi functionality.

I hope to be able to create something useful to the Civi community in the not too distant future.

Currently working on configuring Matieu's regional lookup extension to set up client-defined regional segmentation of contacts based on UK postcodes.

Hope to use postcode data from - I would welcome any views on the quality of this data and whether there are other free sources.



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The Doogal website was set up before the Government opened the postcode data from Ordance Survey. I'd now take a look at Code Point Open to at least compare, I suspect Code Point might be better 

Thanks for the info, Owen