CiviDay 2014 London

Here is a picture of the co-working day we had in London for CiviDay, in which you should be able to see that we had two CiviCRM Core Team members...

You should be able to spot Tim Otten and Yashodha Chaku, although partly obscured by Jamie Novick, who organised the event, hosted at Gamesys, as kindly arranged by Andrew Tombs. 

Thanks also to Chanun Chirattikanon, of CompuCorp, for taking the picture.

Let's make CiviDay 2014 a CiviCRM co-working day too

At the London Meetup last night, the idea of having a CiviCRM co-working day was discussed, so we are certainly planning to do that in London on CiviDay 2014 (Wednesday, January 29th), and wouldn't it be great if the same pattern could be followed around the world.  The idea would be that the CiviDay Meetup in the evening would be at the same venue as the Co-Working day, ie that we book a venue for the whole day and into the evening, and that the venue has good wi-fi available and access to refreshments.

Let's put CiviCRM on the G2 grid of CRM products

G2 Crowd is a web site that describes itself as providing business software reviews.

They are currently running a comparative review of CRM products in which they classify CiviCRM as a 'small business' CRM (but then Salesforce is also classified the same way, along with and Microsoft Dynamics CRM).

London Meetup, Wednesday 24 April 2013

This Meetup was kindly hosted by Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, at their office in Holborn.

 Jamie Novick (of Compucorp) demonstrated CiviMail as a mass means of communicating by email and SMS.

Owen Bowden (of LLR) demonstrated how to do surveys using CiviMail and WebForm-Civi which enables the key results of the survey questions to be stored in CiviCRM.