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'Is it that time of the release cycle already?', I hear ye sayeth! Well yes my medieval friends, it is! Version 4.3 has some lovely new features and I'm sure you will want to be upgrading soon.

If you have lived through a couple of versions of CiviCRM, then you will likely know the value of release testing - especially if you never got round to doing any! But rather go into the gruesome consequences of not testing, I thought I would let you know that there is another way!

Paul Delbar has been doing some amazing work on community release testing (inc. this lovely image that you should print out and distribute to all your friends and colleagues) and for all of you that like and need a bit of encouragement we will be bug smithing together on Friday 8th March.


Please note this next bit is important so I bold AND italicised it:

Bug smithing is not just for techies! Check out this awesome infographic for tips on getting started whether you are a user, integrator or developer.

So how do you get involved in bug smithing day?

  1. block out Friday 8th March in your diary
  2. read about community release testing, finding issues and submitting bugs <-that page is filled with resources to get you started
  4. Get testing on the 8th! There will be lots of people about in IRC (CiviCRM's chat room) to help with any questions you have.
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Awesome poster!

If time zones suit… I shall do my best!

I've scheduled an event here, it's a Long weekend, so we might duck in and out and see what we can do.

hope more people got to participate fully than i did