BADCamp: November 6-9

2014-10-22 08:37
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BADCamp (Bay Area Drupal Camp) will take place at the Palace of Fine Arts, November 6-9. Kicking off with 6 summits, free Drupal training, and a two full days of sessions, BADCamp is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in Drupal for several days and have a blast doing it.
A number of CiviCRM developers and providers will participate in the non-profit summit on Thursday, November 6th (register now to attend!) and a CiviCRM BoF will be organized on Saturday, November 8 along with the scheduled sessions.
If you plan to attend, let us know in the comments. Based on the participation we may organize a mini-sprint or a community get-together.
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I just decided to drive up from San Diego for the conference this weekend and am planning to be there for the non-profit summit. I've dabbled with Drupal and Civi a few times over the last 3 or so years but want to make a serious run at it now. Hoping to learn how to manage an email list of about 1500 fans/donors for a non-profit, and hopefully manage donations, ticket sales for an annual fundraiser, etc.

Hi Peter - I am planning on being there tomorrow for NP Summit. Not sure about other days yet. Looking forward to seeing you again and collaborating. Neil