15 September, 2011
By jamie
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CiviEngage is a Drupal module that (in the next release of CiviCRM) automatically configures CiviCampaign to make it easier to get up and running by setting many of the configuration tasks with sensible defaults.

Over the last few weeks I've been getting intimate with both CiviCampaign and CiviEngage in an effort to either merge CiviEnage's features in CiviCampaign or think about how to package them as an extension. In the process, I made some discoveries concerning surveys and petitions that made me pause and want to reach out for direction before proceeding. In this blog post I'm only mentioned surveys, but the same holds for petitions which use essentially the same data model.

When creating a survey in CiviCampaign (without CiviEngage), your first task is to either create a new custom data group and add custom data fields for each question you want to ask in your survey. Or, you pick an existing custom data group and add custom data fields for each question. These...

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06 September, 2011
By xavier


Two weeks already since civicon, the dust has settled and Amy Dobbs and the team at skillmatters have filmed and uploaded the sessions.

  • For those that have attended CiviCon london and ended up the day desperate about all the nice sessions they missed, you'll be pleased to know that you can see them online.
  • For those that missed CiviCon london, well, really, you should have been there, we missed you and we hope you'll be able to attend the next one.
  • For the speakers, could you post a comment with a link to your slides? I'll update this article.

Anyway, the videos are online too, a couple needs some setting changes to be viewed, stay tuned and come back soon.


welcome to civicon state of the project & keynote

By Kurund Jalmi,...

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25 August, 2011
By jamie
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If you are running Drupal, the process of configuring CiviCampaign will be a lot easier with the 3.4.6 release. The CiviCRM Engage Drupal module has always provided an xml configuration file which, if imported, setup many default custom fields designed to make CiviCampaign really shine. Previously, the process for importing it required looking up your site key, the absolute unix path to an xml file on the server, and your Drupal username and password. These pieces had to then be combined into an extraordinarily long and error-prone URL which you had to place into your browser. And, you also had to create several contact subtypes and fiddle with several other CiviCRM configuration settings. Now - all of these steps are done automatically by simply enabling the Civicrm Engage module from within Drupal. Furthermore, Eileen has exposed a number of ways to configure the behavior of the Walklist and Phonelist reports in the upcoming release - including the ability to:

  • ...
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31 July, 2011
By xavier


We conducted a research to see how often someone tweeted about a page powered by CiviCRM in the past month and a half. We analysed 858 tweets by 612 users about 163 sites, some big names like oxfam or the red cross, some for tiny organisations.

These sites cover an amazingly wide range of topics: homeless, food, transgender, environment, sport, political parties, pets, public health NGOs, independant movies, gender equality, education, cancer, anti weed prohibition...


For this research, TTTP developped a robot that automatically searches for tweets containing a link that is like:

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25 April, 2011

Eli Beckerman is the second winner of a copy of Using CiviCRM from Packt Publishing. Eli is excited about the potential of CiviCRM to organize bottom-up transformations to deal collaboratively with the many crises facing the world today.

Packt has also selected a runner-up in its contest: an experienced CiviCRM user from the City Bible Forum, ken, will get a downloadable eBook copy of the book.

Here's some background on Using CiviCRM from Packt's site:

What you will learn from this book:

  • Create a successful CiviCRM implementation project
  • Install and configure CiviCRM in Joomla! or Drupal, understand advanced configuration options, and review the upgrade process in detail
  • Get...
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19 April, 2011

Sheila Burkett is the first winner of a copy of Using CiviCRM from Packt Publishing. Packt is running a promotional contest where you just have to post into the forum or email them to qualify to win a copy of the book.

Here's some more information about the book from the Press Release:

Using CiviCRM is the first commercially published book on CiviCRM, and came out in February 2011. It will teach readers to build a CRM that conforms to their needs and to integrate it with Drupal or Joomla!. Written by...

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25 January, 2011
By josue
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The Progressive Technology Project (PTP) works with groups who organize community members around social justice issues. These groups recruit members and help to develop their leadership abilities. In order to measure the impact of the organization's work to develop leaders and more effectively reach out to more people in the community, these organizations want to be able to track how often and how much members interact with them, and in what ways (door-knocking, volunteering at events, attending rallies, etc.). These interactions can be summed up as "member engagement".

The typical mechanism for tracking member engagement is the memory of organizers. Not only is this inefficient - and potentially inaccurate or incomplete - but when the organizer leaves the organization, that information usually leaves with her. Unfortunately when the information remains with that individual rather than becoming part of shared organizational knowledge, this knowledge is lost.


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19 October, 2010
By michal
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It's 3.3.alpha1 time! After a couple months of work, it's finally time to push out all those new cool features out! Before jumping directly on downloads (yeah, we know you can't wait!), we strongly recommend going through 3.3 highlights post, where you will find out what's new and hot in this release.

If you want to experience 3.3.alpha1, it is now available for download. You can also try it out on our sandbox site. Please remember this is an ALPHA release and it should NOT be used on production sites.


Step up and help out!

CiviCRM 3.3alpha1 release is a great occasion to get involved in CiviCRM community. There are many ways you can help make this release better and bug free.
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18 August, 2010
By kiran
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I'm very thrilled and excited to announce that, we will introduce CiviCampaign as a Core CiviCRM component for Campaign functionality in CiviCRM v3.3 With the help of CiviCampaign we could effectively use CiviCRM for Voter Canvassing. It allows you to define a group of contacts for canvassing who are voters for a survey. We are storing report of each voter interview with lots of flexibility.

Following are some functional points / processes that have been completed :

1. Campaign
User could create / update campaigns and associate them with group of contacts.

2. Survey
User could create / update survey with specific type. Here we are extending activity type as survey type therefore we could have custom survey types. Survey may... Read more