31 July, 2011
By xavier


We conducted a research to see how often someone tweeted about a page powered by CiviCRM in the past month and a half. We analysed 858 tweets by 612 users about 163 sites, some big names like oxfam or the red cross, some for tiny organisations.

These sites cover an amazingly wide range of topics: homeless, food, transgender, environment, sport, political parties, pets, public health NGOs, independant movies, gender equality, education, cancer, anti weed prohibition...


For this research, TTTP developped a robot that automatically searches for tweets containing a link that is like:

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24 July, 2011
By scolson



A client approached us with a specific need; to allow for the concept of “teams” in event registration. In addition to tracking team groups, they wanted to automatically send the team captain an email notifying them of a new team member. Unfortunately at this time, Civi does not have a great mechanism to automatically track teams in the context of event registrations.


Normally we would implement this using Personal Campaign Pages. After all, a team is the same concept as a PCP, right? Currently, though, CiviCRM does not support Personal Campaign Pages being associated with events. Rather than hack custom data to somehow support this, which was our main alternative, we thought it would be a better idea and a stronger solution to make the updates necessary to PCP so that they would work for events as easily as they do for contribution pages.


After an engineering review of...

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28 April, 2011

Note: You can see videos of these features in action on NS Web Solutions' case study page for this project.

Update: Some of the code for these features is available on GitHub. See my comment below.


CiviCRM offers an incredible set of features straight out of the box. At NS Web Solutions we're sometimes asked to provide a CRM system with some pretty unique features, and we've found that by relying on CiviCRM's wide array of hooks and customization features, there's a lot that can be done.

We recently completed a project for a client that conducts many events per year in which all participants are fully sponsored to attend, including airfare, airport pickup, hotel accommodations, and meals. To complicate the...
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25 April, 2011

Eli Beckerman is the second winner of a copy of Using CiviCRM from Packt Publishing. Eli is excited about the potential of CiviCRM to organize bottom-up transformations to deal collaboratively with the many crises facing the world today.

Packt has also selected a runner-up in its contest: an experienced CiviCRM user from the City Bible Forum, ken, will get a downloadable eBook copy of the book.

Here's some background on Using CiviCRM from Packt's site:

What you will learn from this book:

  • Create a successful CiviCRM implementation project
  • Install and configure CiviCRM in Joomla! or Drupal, understand advanced configuration options, and review the upgrade process in detail
  • Get...
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19 April, 2011

Sheila Burkett is the first winner of a copy of Using CiviCRM from Packt Publishing. Packt is running a promotional contest where you just have to post into the forum or email them to qualify to win a copy of the book.

Here's some more information about the book from the Press Release:

Using CiviCRM is the first commercially published book on CiviCRM, and came out in February 2011. It will teach readers to build a CRM that conforms to their needs and to integrate it with Drupal or Joomla!. Written by...

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06 April, 2011
By osseed

Few days back I was testing "Tell a Friend" functionality in CiviCRM, which allows users to spread a word / refer information about Events or Fundraising to their friends. As of now users are allowed to enter max 3 contact details ( first name, last name and  email Id ). There is no setting to configure the max number of allowed emails via user interface. When you send email using tell a friend these details are saved as contacts in CiviCRM with approprriate Contact Source.


While testing this I thought it would be great if I could fetch emails from my mailing account such as gmail. In addition to this sending email to 'n' contacts will be a good improvement. There were some forum requests for this missing feature, recent one was http://forum.civicrm.org/index.php/topic,5451.0.html


After bit of reserach I found...

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02 April, 2011
By xavier
Filed under CiviEvent, CiviCRM

Hi all,


Was reading lobo's latest blog and I'm almost sure that with these improvments we can have an event smoother event registration. The workflow would be:


1) You create the event

So far so good, same as before


2) You are sending it to some groups using send to mail or civimail.

To have the highest response rate, you need to put in the subject and body the detail of the event (the title, location, date, description, registration link...).


Until now, it involved a lot of copy paste between the event page and the email to be send... or doing it the inefficient way "dude, I'm too lazy to give you the detail on the email so you can figure out what it's all about directly, but click on...

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24 March, 2011
By lobo
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Update: We now have sponsorship committed for 63% of this project and have started a Make-it-Happen Campaign!


CiviEvent is the most popular CiviCRM Component. We get a steady stream of feature requests along with quite a few patches. We were approached recently by an organization that wanted to add Reminder Emails for CiviEvent.

We had a quick online and offline conversation with them and realized that there was a fair amount of cool integration so an event administrator could schedule and send messages to event participants. Briefly the set of features would include:

  • Ability to schedule a mailing 'n' days before / after the event start date / end date OR on a specific date. This will allow an event admin to schedule a reminder email 7 days before the event and a thank you email 1 day after the...
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14 March, 2011
By jcm55

We're a small children's theatre company and make great use of Google Analytics.  We use CiviCRM/CiviEvent for our patron database and online ticket sales, and wanted to add Google Analytics ecommerce tracking to track the effectiveness of our various marketing activities.


I did this by copying /civicrm/templates/CRM/Price/Page/LineItem.tpl into a custom template directory, and adding the tracking code to my custom version.  All of our "events" use price sets, and the price options are various ticket categories (child, adult, senior, etc).  The code below tracks not only the entire order amount, but also the quantities of individual items in the order.

LineItem.tpl is called multiple times during the order/checkout process, so my custom template inserts the tracking code only when the $trxn_id variable is present -- this indicates that the order is finalized.


If you...

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16 December, 2010
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Based on Deepak's excellent blog post about adding discount codes, we decided to take it one step further and write a module. The CiviEvent Discount module has an admin interface to manage discount codes and the ability to link them to one or more events. Combined with the recent ability to access price sets from hook_civicrm_buildAmount the module also supports adding discount codes to events with price sets.


We just added the project to d.o. this morning, so the dev release may not show up until tomorrow. In addition, this was developed mostly as a prototype for a client we're currently working with so we haven't flushed out...

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