06 July, 2009
Version 2.2.7 was released today with CiviReport ("the return") phase 1. This version includes fourteen report templates with coverage for contact data, activities, contributions, events and memberships. Folks in the community who have had a chance to preview the functionality have been quite excited - and we think this is a significant step forward for CiviCRM. First, a few concepts... CiviReport is delivered with a set of report templates. Each template covers a general reporting area - for example: Donor Report (Summary), LYBUNT (Last Year but not this Year), etc. Administrators can then create one or more report instances from a template - with specific display columns, filters and grouping rules. Users go to the CiviReport menu to see a list of report instances, and run the reports.   For example, your organization might need a report which summarizes donations year-to-date grouped by Country. You create this instance from the... Read more
16 June, 2009
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As mentioned previously, we’re introducing quite a few new CiviEvent features in CiviCRM 2.3. Most of them are still undergoing our internal CiviCRM QA cycle, but do check them out at our CiviCRM 2.3 sandbox if you’re interested (there is still time for some minor fixes to accommodate your use-cases!).


CiviCRM 2.3 introduces the concept of wait lists, where participants who registered after a given event was full are placed. These participants are informed before their initial registration that the event is full, and if they continue their registration process, they are put on a waitlist. Once the event gets some free spaces (because some other participations expire, or participants cancel their participation, or are removed by an admin, or the event gets more spaces…), a cronjob-based script makes sure that the participants from the top of the waitlist (first-registered-first) are moved to pending...

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13 May, 2009
By jalama
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With CiviCRM 2.2.3 and a patch to the Drupal Date API CiviCRM will be adding integration with one more Drupal Module, Calendar. This means you will be able to display CiviCRM events in Drupal calendars and decide what events are displayed by using Views filters in the same manner as you would any View.

As with the Calendar module in Drupal the same dependencies exist meaning the latest version of the following modules must be installed; Views, Date API and Calendar. Once you install CiviCRM and the other modules a disabled CiviCRM events view, formatted as a calendar, will be available under Site Building | Views. You will need to enable this calendar, at which point a calendar will be available at http://www.example.com/events. As with the Calendar module the best practice is to clone the default CiviCRM events calendar in order to create any custom Calendars, be...

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07 May, 2009
By jalama
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At the Developer camps on the 28th and 29th of April, 2009 (ie last week) one of the major tracks for all the breakout sessions was usability. Which is a major theme of the 2.3 version upgrade. In two of the groups I participated in we talked about the usability of the CiviEvent module from a an administrators perspective. One frustration that we decided need addressed was the 5 step wizard to create an event.

The items we discussed were the ridigity of the event creation wizard, adding simple events shortcuts and event templates. The Event creation wizard gives the impression that you have to go through all 5 steps to create and event even if you only need the first one or two steps (basic event description & location). In order to speed up the process of creating simple events we proposed creating shortcuts for 3 different common event types. Finally we...

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25 March, 2009
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We’ve just finished describing some of the new CiviEvent features we’d like to put in CiviCRM 2.3, including waitlisting and optional admin approval of participants. Please take a look at the CiviEvent - New Features for 2.3 wiki page and voice your opinions.

05 March, 2009

The fourth BETA release of version 2.2 - including CiviCase, Personal Campaign Pages, Soft Credits, Multi-value Custom Fields, cool new hooks for developers, and more - is now available for

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31 October, 2007
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Now that 1.9 stable is out - most of the team has been focusing heavily on the Read more
27 November, 2006
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We've posted a draft specification for CiviEvent (phase 1) on the wiki. We are actively soliciting community feedback prior to finalizing the specifications on or around December 7. If you are interested in an integrated Event Management component for CiviCRM - please review the spec carefully and post your feedback and questions as comments on the wiki. We are targeting this for the 1.7 release.

This specification reflects feedback and suggestions from many folks in the CiviCRM and Drupal communities. We'd like to especially thank and acknowledge Jeff Porter of The Foundation for Prader-Willi Research, and Dan Robinson of CivicActions for their extensive contributions.