03 February, 2014
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Our organization has been using (and loving) CiviCRM for almost a year now, but we initially had issues getting the membership history to easily capture the full range of detail needed.  Our members often lapse from year to year, and because Civi’s natural process is to renew a single membership record instead of creating multiple, this caused us some problems.  When discussing our experience and solution at various events, we found there was a lot of interest, so the purpose of this blog post is to discuss them in further detail with those who might find it useful to use our solution for their needs, and facilitate conversation towards sharing the solution with them.


Example:  An Often Lapsed Member

Our organization offers yearly memberships, and a common sight in our records would be a member like “Jane Member”.  Jane bought a 2007 Student membership, as...

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25 July, 2013

Well this is my first post on the CivCRM Blog and I am very honoured to have been given the privilege by David Greenberg. We are a CRM consulting company - meaning that we provide consulting and advice to companies who require a CRM system or who have a CRM system in place but want to know how to use it to its full capacity.

We received a grant from the Western Australian Department of Commerce to work in partnership with the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce.  The funding was to provide educational workshops to West Australian businesses about what CRM is and how it can benefit your business.  As part of the funding we were also to carry out two pilot CRM implementations.  One of which was to be for the Chamber to manage these workshops as well as their other events and memberships.

The Fremantle Chamber were actually the ones who suggested that CiviCRM would be a good fit for them as it was open source and seemed to meet their requirements.  After some research and...

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19 June, 2013
By aheath

Tonight found Giant Rabbit hosting the local CiviMeetup in Berkeley, CA, where we talked Drupal Webform Tips and Tricks (and if you want to support CiviCRM payment integration in Drupal webforms, you might consider giving a few dollars to our Make It Happen Campaign) and a few basic data how to's.

We had a good mix of WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal users, and Civi users old a new - and a good mix of cocktails to ease us out of the workday.

Oh, and then there was the CiviCRM Trailer. That happened.

21 May, 2013
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I started out with CiviCRM as an end user who installed it for organization where I used to work.  My colleagues and I were self-taught through trial and error, and after a little while, we understood the concepts and day-to-day contact management fairly well.  However, we lacked the opportunity to fully explore functionality before diving in and using it.

At my firm, AGH Strategies, we've been providing trainings for CiviCRM clients since the first one over five years ago.  While the training is customized to each client's needs, training is most effective when we can focus on a single process, start to finish.  Meanwhile, most public CiviCRM trainings are general, soup-to-nuts treatments of everything that require the commitment of one or two entire days.

As an alternative, we're offering two targeted, two-hour "Start to Finish" training sessions in the next couple of weeks in Washington, DC.


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01 May, 2013
By xavier

SEPA stands for “Single Euro Payment Area”: Mix in a little bit of Standardisation, a pinch of Europe and a truck load of Bank processes; add a bit of XML, stir for decades and don't forget to pour in copious amounts of meetings full of white middle aged men all wearing grey suits. What you get is a scrumptious recipe guaranteed to insure that almost no one in the NGO community is going to be remotely involved or interested.

Until now that is. Because SEPA might be the solution you are looking for:

  • allows your members to automatically pay their fees on time

  • get more donors contributing small monthly amounts

  • makes it easy to let donors give an extra contribution when they like

  • makes it easier to raise money from supporters in other European countries (more than 30 countries use it)

All the while you are paying much lower fees to the credit card providers and spending less of your...

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26 March, 2013
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CiviCRM has the ability to automatically grant memberships to related contacts. So, for example, when a company purchases a membership, employees of this company can be automatically extended the same membership. In the user interface, these memberships are then flagged as ‘by relationship’.

But up to today this was an all-or-nothing proposition: all employees of the company where automatically granted a membership, with no ability to neither limit the number of related memberships, nor choose which of the employees would get these.

In the upcoming CiviCRM release 4.3, you now have these additional features:

  • During definition of membership types, you can eventually choose to limit the number of inherited memberships.
  • When a membership of this given type is created, related memberships are automatically granted up to the specified limit.
  • For each membership of this given type, you can reassign the related memberships as needed....
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15 January, 2013


The CiviCRM profiles features are a great easy way to quickly generate custom membership lists that can be viewed, sorted and displayed on your public website, but one of their biggest annoyances is they can only display organisational or individual memberships, not a mixture of the two.
I discovered a quick and easy way of getting around this through the wonder of Drupal views (Sorry Wordpress and Joomla! folks).
Set up your view as normal and required with whatever fields, arguments, relationships and filters you may need, then create a 'Global: Combine fields filter' field, expose it and choose the fields you would like to be able to search, probably First Name, Last Name and Organisation Name.
Save the view and voila! You have a membership list that can be searched across all membership types and names and as it's views you can continue customising it to your hearts content.
28 August, 2012
By Eileen
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A few months Back John Derry from The Monthly Magazine wrote a blog about how they were planning to use CiviCRM for magazine subscriptions.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the Monthly was that it was essential for them to be able to process memberships / subscriptions paid for as a gift. They needed to collect details for both the giver and the recipient.

After some discussions with Dave we settled on the data model of putting the contribution against the giver and the membership against the recipient. The two transactions have an extra linkage in that the contribution record stores the recipient in the honor_contact_id field. As a result of this the contribution is visible on the recipient’s contribution tab. (we...

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02 April, 2012
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Has a magazine ever thought CiviCRM could be adapted to manage subscriptions? Yes and yes. However, there does not seem to be a showcase project showing that it can be done.


After immersing ourselves in the CiviCRM world for 3 months we have teamed up with Peter Davis and Eileen McNaughton to get it done for The Monthly magazine.


Chris Ward’s DDU2012 session produced the initial ‘light bulb’ that CiviCRM might be what we were looking for and all our subsequent research shows that, with some work, at the very least there is no reason why it can’t work.


How does CiviCRM top other contenders?


Its open source and...

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22 February, 2012

Batch entry of gifts (checks, cash, etc.) is a much requested "missing feature" in CiviCRM. Thanks to a generous sponsorship commitment from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, we are about to launch a Make-it-Happen campaign to implement this feature for the next release (4.2). We've spent some time discussing requirements with folks at EFF and several other organizations, and we've reviewed analogous functionality offered by several of the proprietary donor management products. The purpose of this post is to share the draft specifications for the feature and solicit feedback from others in the community.


The goal is to provide a streamlined interface for data entry of batches of contributions and membership payments. A simple batching concept will be introduced to provide verification of count and totals. The feature will use a grid-style input form with the columns controlled by a selected profile. This...

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