09 June, 2009
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As cap10morgan noted in a recent blog, non-profits and open source solutions are a natural partnership. CiviCRM has been a fabulous gift to the organization that I lead, Trinity Episcopal Church. It allowed us to move from a FileMaker database accessible only to our office staff to a robust solution accessible to most of our membership. (We constantly remind ourselves that not everyone's online!) We are still using a FileMaker/CiviCRM hybrid solution however and CiviPledge is our roadblock.

Pledge accounting is central to our contribution accounting - 92% of our income is from pledges. Is your organization's income weighted toward pledges? Do you use CiviPledge? If not, what's missing for you? Join the discussion on our forums or...

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30 November, 2008
The Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) published the results of it's first-ever Donor Management Software (DMS) Satisfaction Survey last week. Nearly 1,000 people participated in the survey - whose goal was to help nonprofits "find the DMS that is best for your organization". Regulars readers of this blog will recall that we were quite disappointed when the survey was announced - due to the fact that CiviCRM was NOT INCLUDED In the list of Donor Management Software solutions in the survey. The good news is that folks in our community stepped up nicely. Despite being a "write-in candidate" CiviCRM got the fourth highest number of respondents to the question "Please select the product that you consider your PRIMARY donor management system." More importantly, users gave CiviCRM very positive grades across the board:
  • 97.4% Would...
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