05 October, 2009
By Dave D

The Physician Health Program of BC has a task that goes something like this: Their vendors, and even staff and board members, are not paid directly by them but by the provincial medical association (BCMA), so when invoices from vendors come in, they need to enter the information onto a special form and send that off to the BCMA for payment. Then they periodically send back a statement to reconcile against. Since all the vendors are contacts in CiviCRM already, it made sense to think about putting this in there too.

The customization for entering the invoices and generating the printable forms is currently in first-attempt mode and might still need some tweaking. You can find it in the unfortunately named php repository (php = physician health program). The reconciliation part isn't done yet so I'll just describe the first part. Well, I guess "not done yet" is a form of...

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05 August, 2009
By andrew
This post started out as a reply to Eileen's "Banking Screen?" comment on my previous post on this topic, but by the time I was done, I thought that this warranted its own post. I think that the core "Accounts" or "Banking" functionality that could be helpful to Civi users without getting too out of control, is:
  1. generate a listing of the individual cheque and cash "receipts" processed since the last "deposit" was generated, add selected receipts to a deposit and print it as a deposit listing, using a template that would enable you to submit the listing to your bank with a deposit slip;
  2. enable a bank reconciliation to confirm that each deposit was successful and highlight any discrepancies such as bounced cheques or typo's when entering cash or cheque amounts. Ideally you would be able to tick off each receipt within a deposit as reconciled (or just tick the deposit as a whole and have the system mark each receipt within that deposit as reconciled). If a...
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04 August, 2009
By andrew

We are finding that CiviCRM/accounts issues are becoming increasingly important for our clients, and Eileen's recent blogs and the discussion they are generating are a fantastic step towards helping find the best way for Civi to deal with financial transactions.

For example, I think it could be useful for Civi to ultimately develop functionality for maintaining simple bank accounts within CiviCRM, so that small organisations can maintain basic accounts without the headaches of integration with an external package.

Currently we have clients who are willing to rely on CiviCRM as being the central repository for the detail of all contributions, with a lump sum figure hitting their GL at the end of each month which can be reconciled against CiviCRM's records. This is largely reliant on the organisation having very good procedures in place to attend to banking on the same day as transactions are entered into CiviCRM, to make it easier for payments to be reconciled. It...

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06 July, 2009
Version 2.2.7 was released today with CiviReport ("the return") phase 1. This version includes fourteen report templates with coverage for contact data, activities, contributions, events and memberships. Folks in the community who have had a chance to preview the functionality have been quite excited - and we think this is a significant step forward for CiviCRM. First, a few concepts... CiviReport is delivered with a set of report templates. Each template covers a general reporting area - for example: Donor Report (Summary), LYBUNT (Last Year but not this Year), etc. Administrators can then create one or more report instances from a template - with specific display columns, filters and grouping rules. Users go to the CiviReport menu to see a list of report instances, and run the reports.   For example, your organization might need a report which summarizes donations year-to-date grouped by Country. You create this instance from the... Read more
06 July, 2009

The team has released version 2.2.7 today. This release includes an important security update - and we recommend that you upgrade sites to this release as soon as possible. 2.2.7 also includes phase 1 of CiviReport - with 14 built-in report templates with coverage of contact data, contributions, events and memberships. Stay tuned for a separate blog post with lots more details on the new reporting features. You can review a complete list of 2.2.7 changes on the issue tracker.  


You can download CiviCRM 2.2.7 at our download page. Select from the Newest Files section at the top of the page. The filenames include the 2.2.7 label: civicrm-2.2.7…. Be sure and download the correct version for your CMS (...

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08 May, 2009
By lobo
One of the reported shortcomings of CiviCRM has been the perceived "lack of reporting functionality". This is true to a large extent, but our hope was that most folks would either use
  • Traditional reporting solutions: BIRT, Jasper Reports and/or Crystal Reports. We demoed an integration with BIRT a few releases back, but this did not get any traction. There are a couple of larger deployments that have built custom reports using BIRT and Jasper.
  • Views2 and CiviCRM integration. However the lack of grouping / sub-total functionality has prevented this from being a complete reporting solution. This is also a drupal only solution
  • Custom Drupal modules / Joomla components. Quite a few folks have gone down this path, but there has not been a lot of sharing of these reports within the community
Based on the success of Custom Search, we decided that shipping CiviCRM with a few good... Read more
08 November, 2007
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The Conservation Fund is the nation's foremost environmental nonprofit dedicated to protecting America's most important landscapes and waterways for future generations. My company, Phase2 Technology, architected a robust online fundraising solution for the Fund that included Drupal and CiviCRM.  Special attention was made to implementing the Drupal CMS from a unified perspective, incorporating the needs of all of the regional separate program sites into the overall spectrum of website feature offerings.  CiviCRM was used to implement the donation engine for the site.  The Conservation Fund collects donations for various programs, so CiviCRM search and exporting capabilities are critical to the success of the organization.

Some highlights of the...

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20 August, 2007
Okay, so 1.8 stable has been released - and the roadmap indicates that it includes CiviReport Phase 1. You may be wondering... How does it work? What does it do? How can I try it out? etc.... First, CiviReport isn't really a new component in CiviCRM. Rather, it's a set of sample reports which we've built on an open-sourced reporting engine called BIRT (Business Information Reporting Tool). The reports use SQL queries to interact with your CiviCRM database. There is (as of yet) no application or code-level integration between BIRT and CiviCRM. The report files are BIRT-formatted XML files which are developed using BIRT's Report Designer and "run" using BIRT's runtime engine. I've been spending free cycles the past month exploring BIRT. I don't expect to become an expert in this tool anytime soon - but my goal has been to learn enough to be a bit dangerous. More importantly, in collaboration... Read more
04 March, 2007
By lobo
Filed under CiviReport, v1.8, CiviCRM

I've been spending the past few days with Eclipse and BIRT. Their examples and screencasts are quite valuable to understanding a fairly complex application. I suspect this model of documentation is quite applicable to CiviCRM also.

I'm making pretty good progress with CiviReport and currently have a BIRT library with various reports that can be distributed. I'm focusing on CiviContribute for the initial set of reports, but it is quite easy to adapt the reports to CiviMember and CiviEvent. BIRT allows you to have drill down reports (i.e. from a high level report, you can get more detailed reports on various aspects by drilling down a level or two). Thus a top level contribution report could give you breakdown by year, state and your top 5 donors. You can then drill down into details for each year, or state or a more detailed...

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24 February, 2007
By kurund
Filed under CiviReport

It's been a while, i was trying to get Eclipse-BIRT working on my machine (Ubuntu Edgy). Finally got success few days back.

Here are the steps for installation:

1) Get the Eclipse using Ubuntu update manager.

sudo aptitude install eclipse

2) BIRT package is not installed by default in Eclipse. So use Eclipse update manager and select package BIRT Reporting Tool.

You might get few errors:
- Could not write in /usr/lib .....

chmod -R 777 /usr/lib/eclipse

- I also got following errors:
Requested operation cannot be performed because it would invalidate the current configuration. See details for more information.
Graphical Modeling Framework Runtime (1.0.1.v20060926-1100-gW3quUwGl-1CEqp) requires feature "org.apache.batik (1.6.0)", or compatible.
BIRT Reporting for TPTP Feature (4.2.0.v200606131519--1G955G5G7A7E7M) requires plug-in "org.eclipse.birt.core".
TPTP Charting Service (4....

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