09 January, 2015
By totten

If you've been following the CiviCRM blog, you probably noticed the reports from Google Summer of Code 2014: Siddhant Rajagopalan built a new CiviMail composition screen, and Aditya Nambiar built an A/B testing system. In late 2014, the core team extended this work (revising architecture, adding missing features, and fixing bugs), and 4.6.alpha1 is the first downloadable release to include the refreshed CiviMail. I want to give a quick tour of some of the UI's and changes.


CiviMail is a powerful tool with a lot of options. Of course, options come at a cost -- they increase complexity and make an application harder to use. In designing the revised CiviMail UI, we want a...

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09 December, 2014
By Nileema

As mentioned by Tony in his blog, we have recently released “Simple Donate” extension that allows you to have a pretty and responsive donation pages. I want to take this opportunity to share some implementation details for this extension.

CiviCRM and API

We made a conscious effort not to add more configurations and decided to use existing contribution page settings. So the only thing that you need to do is link your existing contribution page with our extension.


CiviCRM already has support for angular extension. It was fairly easy to learn and develop front-end based on angular framework. It also helped in implementing client-side validations for most of the user related and payment related fields. Angular was...

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24 November, 2014

At Web Access we’re constantly exploring new technologies and challenging our engineers to come up with new, and useful software solutions. This exercise allows us to hone our skills, motivate our teams, and keeps us thinking outside of the box. At times, such as this, it gives us a little something to boast about.

We thought it would be really useful for the community if there were a simpler way to donate in CiviCRM. So we set out to simplify the donation process. What we’ve come up with is the “Simple Donate” extension which allows the administrator to link existing donation pages with our new sleek, user friendly and responsive donation page. The genesis of this idea came from the blog post here

Pen and paper ready? Here’s how it works…

  1. Link your existing contribution page with simple donate form....
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27 May, 2014
By teja

This week, I began work on my Google Summer of code 2014 project “Bootstrap and CiviCRM”. The project was proposed and selected to address the following goals:

1. Improve the user interface of CiviCRM

2. Provide a consistent and scalable UI framework for developers to extend/customize CiviCRM

3. Make CiviCRM compatible with mobile devices

Bootstrap was chosen as the framework of choice after much debate and discussion with the community. We also understand the enormous scope of the project and its long term implications in terms of changes to the codebase and existing extensions. We understand that GSoC coding period is too small to bring about changes to all components of CiviCRM. Instead, we have decided to focus on creating a solid process and documentation that can be taken forward by the community. In this context, after brainstorming with my mentors, we came up with a few possibilities on how to...

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01 May, 2014
Team Coleman, which includes Sarah Gladstone (Pogstone), Coleman Watts (core CiviCRM team), Eileen McNaughton (Fuzion), Michael Daryabeygi (Ginko Labs), Dana Stallman (Tadpole Collective) has been working hard fixing bugs and finishing new features for the upcoming version 4.5.   Some highlights:   this version includes a new UI framework using a new version of JQuery.  Virtually every screen and task benefits from this UI framework. A few screenprints have been attached below.  Also the process for configuring profiles forms and custom data for a specific contribution page or specific event is now a lot easier. When configuring the event or contribution page, all editing to profiles/custom data can be done WITHOUT leaving the screen, plus there is a great drag/drop and preview features baked in. 
The issue in WordPress that causes CiviCRM front-end pages to take over the website has been fixed.  
We have also updated the...
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14 April, 2014
By totten

CiviCase is a case-management system for tracking multistep interactions with constituents -- such as social support services, constituent services, and applications for employment. The CiviCase toolset enables organizations to provide a more consistent quality-of-service to their constituents by setting out a base timeline for the services to provide to each constituent. This is a powerful tool that can be adapted to a variety of organizations and requirements. Unfortunately, the initial configuration process for CiviCase currently requires some technical skill -- the site administrator must prepare an XML file, copy the file to server, test, and repeat until the XML file is just right. Thanks to the support of the National Democratic Institute, that's going to change -- we're going to make it easier for site administrators to setup CiviCase without requiring deep technical skills.


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25 February, 2014
By teja
Filed under Interface and design
CiviCRM is a stellar example of how technology and internet have emerged as crucial components in improving the efficiency of organisations. From non-profits to governments, CiviCRM has helped people manage their workflow effortlessly. A vibrant community and open-source nature of the project have made sure it adapts and evolves to keep up with diverse needs of organisations around the world.
Google Summer of Code 2014 (GSoC), recently announced by Google, is another opportunity for CiviCRM to forward this cause. An initiative to support open source software projects, it pairs prospective students with organisations for a summer of coding. CiviCRM has been selected as a mentoring organisation for GSoC 2014 and I am a CS undergrad from India looking forward to code...
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27 January, 2014
By kreynen

Did that get your attention?

Unfortunately it's not as simple as just coming up with ideas and waiting for a check from Google. As a community, CiviCRM has to apply to even be part of the program. We are still looking for both more project ideas and more mentors to include in CiviCRM's application to be a mentoring organization in Google Summer of Code 2014.

I've been told this blog post was too long. So the tl;dr summary is that organizations with project ideas and developers interested in mentoring a Google Summer of Code student should add their ideas and information to Google Summer of Code 2014 Wiki.

At this point in the process we are trying to make CiviCRM appealing to both potential students and Google. Several months ago we started updating the wiki of project idea...

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11 December, 2013
At Green Renters we have tried to incorporate as much of what we do into CiviCRM as possible, we figured that there was no point having a central repository of how everyone engages with our organisation if the information wasn't complete, so we sought to consolidate as much of what we do into CiviCRM as possible. This is a post explaining how we incorporated and integrated project management and accounting into our CiviCRM.
We are a small and simple organisation, so have simple requirements for accounting, project management etc… So the data objects present in CiviCRM for undertaking these tasks work for us. If you have more complex requirements, then they probably wont work for you.
There's a reasonable amount of Drupal integration here, these could be replaced with CiviCRM functionality such as reports, profiles etc if you wanted...
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28 November, 2013
By Ruchi
Filed under Interface and design
India has over 3.3 million registered non-profits (one for every 400 people!), many of which are growing and looking for better solutions to manage their fundraising efforts. There is an immense and exciting opportunity at hand. 
My team works closely with several non-profits that use CiviCRM in India, of which some have an international presence. Over the last six months we have had the opportunity to introduce CiviCRM to many other non-profits, who were very impressed by the wide range of functionalities already built into this affordable CRM. 
However, there are a couple of features, not yet present in CiviCRM, which would make it much more useful to fund raisers in India. I am sharing one of those requests here, for your feedback and suggestions. In particular I would very much like to know if this issue is also requested by users in other countries.

The Context

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