05 December, 2007
By michal

Last week, another one of excellent events organised by Aspiration happened in Zagreb. It was Open Translation Tools 2007 and it covered a variety of topics, starting from cultural aspects of both content and software localisation, through managing open communities, mapping translation and localisation tools and resources, also including machine translation mechanics. Detailed agenda and notes from sessions are available on the wiki - I strongly recommend at least quickly skimming through them - great source of knowledge!

On the CiviCRM related front, I had a couple of really excellent conversations with both current and potential users of our software - hopefully those will effect in new deployments soon. We'll definitely keep you posted on this. :-) I gave a...

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02 August, 2007
By michal

This has been posted by my fellow team mate on the forum, but I since we want as many translations as possible, let's make others know, here's a repost to our blog. :-)

Piotr Szotkowski wrote:

I’m happy to announce that the CiviCRM 1.8 POT and PO files are generated and that the CiviCRM 1.8 area is open at our translations server.

For people preferring the raw POT/PO files, these can be easily obtained from our repository.

Thanks a lot for your hard work and do feel free to bug us with any string issues in the new files!

23 April, 2007
By shot

CiviCRM is localised into several languages and used by non-English communities around the world. Before it could be localised, though, it had to be internationalised – i.e., it had to be modified to make the localisation possible. My first assignment when working on CiviCRM was to take the English-only application, internationalise it and localise it to Polish.

After a bit of thinking we decided to follow the gettext approach (and, actually, used gettext in the end), which means keeing the strings (words, sentences – texts in general) in English across the PHP code and Smarty templates and translating the strings on the fly if CiviCRM ends up being served with a non-en_US (American English) locale.

The process of internationalisation consisted of two parts: (a) tagging all of the English strings across the PHP source and the Smarty templates, and (b) writing the translating engine. As the Drupal uses the...

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30 January, 2007
By shot

CiviCRM is localised into several languages and used by people all around the world. All of the CiviCRM translations are provided by volunteers; this blog post explains how to participate in the community of translators and make CiviCRM usable for people who prefer to use software in their language.

General Informations

All of the strings (words, sentences – texts in general) displayed in the user interface are written in English and translated on-the-fly to the locale selected in Administer CiviCRM | Global Settings | Localisation (for example, if the locale is pl_PL, the strings are translated to Polish). Of course, if a given string is not yet translated, it remains in English; this means CiviCRM can be translated partially (or incrementally over time), and not all of the 3350 different strings need to be translated to make CiviCRM usable for a non-English-speaking person.

For actual translation of the English strings we use the...

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14 July, 2005
CiviCRM 1.0 Beta has been released in Polish and English. We have a bunch of other translations that have been started on our translation server. Current translations in progress include: Spanish (Español) Thai ( ไทย), Khmer Brasilian Portuguese (Português) Polish took about 24 person-hours to do the translation, so we expect each language would require a similar level of effort. Khmer and Thai are particularly exciting since they demonstrate that we can support non-roman alphabets. The next step is to support non-left-to-right languages like Arabic and Japanese. Special thanks to Michal Mach, a lead partner in the CiviCRM effort and leader of our internationalization efforts. If you are interested in creating and/or helping with a translation, contact Michal directly or send email to info@socialsourcefoundation.org and we'll connect you to him. Special thanks to Kakada Hok... Read more