29 August, 2014
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Back in March of this year, Max Hunter wrote a compelling blog post about CiviCRM's shift to a member-supported project, citing its changing ecosystem, budget requirements and its growth into a full-fledged CRM thanks to the efforts of the many stakeholders involved. His post, along with several others, helped to shape the conversation around the introduction of a member program in which end user organizations contribute back to CiviCRM, a program that we're moving forward with today and will promote throughout the CiviCRM ecosystem.

I read Max's post along with other posts when I first started with CiviCRM in August, 2014...

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04 June, 2014
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CiviCRM has an opening for a part time fundraiser, who will work with the core team to strengthen financial relationships with vendors and end-user organizations.  Primary responsibilities will include managing the partner and member programs, as well as setting strategic direction for financially funding the platform over the next five to ten years.  CiviCRM is a global community; we will consider applicants from anywhere, so long as you bring initiative and experience with open source projects, online community management, and most importantly, raising funds for good causes.

Click here to read a full job description for the role.  Please submit resume and covering letter to michael@civicrm.org by 29 June 2014.

04 March, 2014

As part of the the CiviCRM community, you’ve accomplished so much over the last eight years.  You’ve helped build CiviCRM up from a simple contact management and email platform to a CRM that is uniquely able to serve the needs of nonprofits -- with support for volunteer coordination, event management, advocacy campaigns, and more.  Alongside ambassadors and implementers, you’ve grown the CiviCRM community to include over 8,000 organizations.

As the project has changed and grown, the needs of everyone in the CiviCRM ecosystem have done the same.  Nonprofit staff need training to make use of CiviCRM’s extensive features.  Implementers and developers need the growing codebase to be stable, secure, and compatible with a wide array of CMS versions.

CiviCRM needs a sustainable source of additional revenue to cover the management and engineerng resources required to meet these needs.  ...

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18 September, 2013
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For the past eight years, CiviCRM's core team have been shipping a free, powerful, industry-leading solution for non-profit organizations. This blog post examines how we have achieved this -- and what it will take to continue delivering a great product for the next eight years.

Of course, since we are an open source project, the work of the core team is just a part of a bigger picture, sitting alongside the countless contributions from our users and providers.  But in this blog post, I’m focusing on how we can ensure a healthy core team to keep the project moving forward for years to come.

CiviCRM's income - an abridged history

Lets start with a quick recap of the last eight years.

In the begining, we were blessed with generous funding from of a couple of private foundations.  This enabled us to assemble a team of developers to build out the first versions of CiviCRM. CiviCRM 1.0 was our minimum viable product...

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06 September, 2013
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A massive thank you to all the service providers (listed below) who signed up as founding partners and helped us exceed our fundraising goals for the partner program. In total, we raised $90,000 from 43 founding partners (our goal was $75,000) which is a fantastic step for the sustainabilty of the project and shows the strength and diversity of our service provider ecosystem. 

Partners are still signing up and with a bit of luck, we'll hit $125,000 in recurring revenue each year for the project.  If you deliver CiviCRM services, please do consider becoming a partner and helping us reach this new goal. Doing so would mean that we're raising approximately 25% of the revenue we need to sustain the project. So a good moment to take a step back and celebrate, but we still have a lot to do.

So what is next? As promised, we'll be digging deeper into how much it costs to run CiviCRM, and where your money goes.  We'll also be formalising our...

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05 August, 2013
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A quick update on our partner program.  Our 'beta' is now ready for review.  Have a look at the following pages:

And let us know what you think and how we could improve them, especially in terms of the language used and information displayed on those pages.  It's probably a good idea to familiarise yourself with posts and comments in the sustainability conversation so far before you feedback if you haven't read them already.

A couple of things that are not part of this beta release but will be in the final release that we launch after our founding partner drive:

  • ...
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10 July, 2013
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If you've been keeping up with blog posts on sustainability that I've been writing recently, you'll know that one of our main focuses at the moment is on ensuring the long term sustainability of CiviCRM.  A key part of these efforts is our new partner program, which we've been busy developing over the past few weeks.

We're now at a point where we would like to invite 'early adopters' to become founding partners of this programme.

Reasons to join the partner program come in two irresistable flavours:

  • direct benefits to your organisation
  • ensuring long term growth and sustainabilty for CiviCRM

Lets start with the benefits to your organisation. Join the partner program and you will get:

  • your organisation highlighted on the civicrm.org home page (rotated with supporting partners)
  • a prominent listing in our soon to be revamped service provider...
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26 June, 2013
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Time for an update on the what we are now calling the 'supporting partners program'.  We've been busy building out the infrastructure and have some alpha pages and workflows set up on our test site. Now is a great time for some early feedback on the direction we are taking, how things are looking and functioning, and suggestions for making things better. It is also a great time for you to volunteer to take on specific tasks (see CRM-12479).

As soon as we have finalized the fee structure (hopefully next week) we'll be kickstarting the partner program with a founding partners drive. Founding partners will get extra recognition in their badges and online listings, extra thanks from civicrm.org, other benefits, and will generally be thought of as awesome.

Here's a quick overview of what we have done so far.


You can see a list of supporting partners...

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22 May, 2013
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At CiviCon San Francisco, and at the sprints that followed, we spent a fair amount of time on the subject of ‘CiviCRM as a self-sufficient and financially sustainable ecosystem’. These discussions were wide ranging and super interesting (thanks to Peter Petrik from Skvare for his input and help facilitating). Following from these discussions, we have set ourselves two high level goals for the next 3 years:

  • Make CiviCRM a financially sustainable ecosystem, funded primarily through its community of users and service providers
  • Ensure that the community is aware of how much it costs to ‘run’ CiviCRM, and how any money that they contribute gets spent

These two goals are pretty closely related since if we are trying to do 1, then it is reasonable to expect 2.

In this blog post, I’d like to set the scene a little, and introduce one concrete way that we can get started out along this road: a service...

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