Notes from CiviCRM 4.0 Brainstorm

2010-04-26 12:29
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The following notes were gathered from the CiviCon session on what the community would like to see in CiviCRM 4.0:

* Goals
* No new features
* Framework switch
* Not as major a rewrite as it looks
* Don't want to change many of the private APIs
* Want to switch away from pear
* Test unit coverage
* Better API hooks
* What users would like to see
* Continuous Integration
* Hudson - as you submit code runs through suite of unit tests to see what's broken
* Better decoupling
* Drupal Forms API

Penguin Day San Francisco - Mix it Up with Folks from the CiviCRM Core Team!

2009-04-09 19:09
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Penguin Day is coming to San Francisco on Saturday, April 25, 2009, right before the NTC. The agenda includes several CiviCRM-related sessions - both for folks just checking out CiviCRM, and for experienced users / developers. Several members of the CiviCRM core team and our new Community Advisory Group will be in attendance as well as - so it's a great way to make "civi-connections". You can register now at the Penguin Day site.  

CiviCRM team meeting now on IRC ...

2008-05-20 16:23
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Most of you are probably aware that CiviCRM is developed and maintained by a team of dedicated developers spread around the world (India, Poland, USA and New Zealand). We have had regular team meeting over IM / Skype the past couple of years on a weekly basis. We figured it might make sense to try holding the meeting in a public forum so more community folks can participate in the development and running of CiviCRM. We plan on evaluating this after a few meetings to see if it's useful to the community and the team.

CiviCRM Developer Hack-a-thon: Days 10-12

2008-05-10 04:42
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We were already into some serious testing mode, when we started 3rd week of NZ Meetup. After deciding strategy for "CiviCRM Test Suite", we decided to split up into 3 groups. Dave and me started specking out few new features for CiviEvent, that would be part of CiviCRM v2.1 release. We shortlisted 3-4 features based on community request. But after some discussion with entire team, in our 2.1 roadmap we would address :

CiviCRM Developer Hack-a-thon: Days 7-9

2008-05-04 04:01
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Time flies - it's been already a week since we've been together in New Zealand, enjoying face to face conversations and working together. My personal take on communication is that there is nothing like real time conversation involving two persons located in the same physical spot, so I must say I'm really enjoying this opportunity to hang out with Yashi, Dave, KJ & Lobo.