11 November, 2009
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The team is excited to announce that the first ALPHA release of version 3.1 is now available for download. You can also try it out on our sandbox site. Please remember this is an ALPHA release and it should NOT be used on production sites.

This release includes several major new features:

  • Contact Subtypes - Extend (and / or rename) the built-in contact types and create custom fields specific to a subtype (e.g. Staff vs. Volunteer custom fields). Thanks to the folks at Alpha International for sponsoring this much-requested feature (learn more...).
  • HTML Emails for Receipts, Event Confirmations and more - Templates for all system-generated emails are now stored in the database and editable by...
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09 September, 2009
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Minutes for 09-02-2009 meeting - CRM - CiviCRM Wiki

Web redesign project

Plans are in the works to completely redesign the CiviCRM website to make it much easier to find information and to navigate around. This is a really important project and we could sure use your input so, if you'd like to contribute your thoughts, please take a look at the Information Architecture draft here: CiviCRM.org v2 IA. Additionally, you can view some of the notes from recent conference calls here: Redesign Web Presence. Work on the mockup is expected to begin in mid September, so the sooner we get your feedback, the better. Thanks!

3.0 release cycle and testing

3.0 beta 2 was released on 9/3. If...

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17 May, 2009
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I took some photos at the recent CiviCRM Developer Camp in San Francisco. I have (finally) posted them online here: http://gallery.me.com/cap10morgan#100060

If anyone else has photos, feel free to upload them to that gallery.

As others have already said, the Developer Camp was a great success. Meeting together to identify other users who have similar "itches" to scratch is hugely valuable, and I hope to continue working with all the people I met at the camp. It was great seeing people realize that they themselves could help move things forward, regardless of their relative technical skills or experience. Having a good mix of core developers, contributors, and users there was also quite helpful. I believe programmers should intentionally maximize the amount of time they spend interacting with the users of their software. I know it helps me a great deal to stay grounded, focused on the problem (rather than the...

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09 April, 2009
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Penguin Day is coming to San Francisco on Saturday, April 25, 2009, right before the NTC. The agenda includes several CiviCRM-related sessions - both for folks just checking out CiviCRM, and for experienced users / developers. Several members of the CiviCRM core team and our new Community Advisory Group will be in attendance as well as - so it's a great way to make "civi-connections". You can register now at the Penguin Day site.  

Penguin Day Details

Penguin Days are designed to let nonprofits and social justice activists learn about free and open source software that can support their work and potentially save them money, including tools for web publishing, fundraising, blogging, and campaigning. Full details are at www.penguinday.org. Thanks to the generosity of Google, we're delighted to grant fee waivers to anyone who needs one!... Read more
22 May, 2008
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Two new CiviCRM-related articles just got posted on the NTEN.org website - and might be of interest to folks...

Michelle Murrain writes about Open Source CRMs - How Do They Stack Up.

... and John Kenyon posted an article where he "puts a human face" on open-source software, and features an interview with yours truly (blush). Open Source Software - Who Makes This Stuff.

20 May, 2008
By lobo
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Most of you are probably aware that CiviCRM is developed and maintained by a team of dedicated developers spread around the world (India, Poland, USA and New Zealand). We have had regular team meeting over IM / Skype the past couple of years on a weekly basis. We figured it might make sense to try holding the meeting in a public forum so more community folks can participate in the development and running of CiviCRM. We plan on evaluating this after a few meetings to see if it's useful to the community and the team.

Our current meeting time is 5 am UTC on Wednesday May 21st, which means 5 pm in NZ, 10:30 am in India, 7 am in Poland and
10 pm (Tuesday) in San Francisco. We will meet in the #civicrm channel on IRC (irc.freenode.net). We try to keep the meeting time to 60 minutes or less. You can find more information on IRC here.

The agenda of the meeting is:

  • Status and team reports. Progress on...
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12 May, 2008
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I'm on my way back to San Francisco after an incredibly stimulating three weeks of collaborating (and co-habitating) with fellow "Civi's". There were lots of very long days (12 - 15 hours) of brainstorming , designing, hammering out code... intermingled with cooking and eating some lovely meals together, a few cool adventures in the natural beauty of New Zealand, and some excellent meetups with members of the community "down-under". This was our fourth "international" team gathering. In planning for it we tried to build on the things that worked best in our prior meetups - and learn from things that didn't work as well. We decided to focus tightly on a few key goals / projects - and worked hard at staying on task. (This meant resisting the gravitational pulls of email, forums, team members not with us etc.) We set a schedule for moving through our projects and decided up front that it was ok to move on to the next task without completing 100% of the current one. The... Read more
10 May, 2008
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We were already into some serious testing mode, when we started 3rd week of NZ Meetup. After deciding strategy for "CiviCRM Test Suite", we decided to split up into 3 groups. Dave and me started specking out few new features for CiviEvent, that would be part of CiviCRM v2.1 release. We shortlisted 3-4 features based on community request. But after some discussion with entire team, in our 2.1 roadmap we would address :

  • Date based discount for Events / Early bird pricing: (CRM-3088)
  • Register Multiple Participants During Online Event Registration: (CRM-3086)


While we were busy with Event enhancement, second group Lobo & Michal had a good session...

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04 May, 2008
By michal
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Time flies - it's been already a week since we've been together in New Zealand, enjoying face to face conversations and working together. My personal take on communication is that there is nothing like real time conversation involving two persons located in the same physical spot, so I must say I'm really enjoying this opportunity to hang out with Yashi, Dave, KJ & Lobo.

Apart from work, we decided to have some fun too - which turned into two days full of adventure. First day, we went on a hike, with careful plan to get on top of Mt. Arthur. Weather wasn't really nice and people that we met on the way were mentioning something about snow and cold on higher parts of the trail, so we decided just to give it a try, go as far as we can and come back if weather gets worse. However, the trail turned out to be a "one way pipe" - the higher we were getting, the less interested we were in going back down the very steep, slippery path. Even the snow blizzard (doh! didn't someone...

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04 May, 2008
By kurund
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I am a big fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, hence i was very excited about coming to New Zealand and exploring few Middle Earth locations. I must say NZ has some of the most amazing places I have ever seen.

Coming to work, a major focus of the NZ Meetup was improving usability. So we decided to tackle CRM-3000 - "Prevent reloads of new contribution, event registration, new membership, new relationship forms by Implementing dojo method to add custom fields to the form."

Our main goal with this was to reduce page reloads, so that user does not lose any data entered on the form. Let's take an example New Event Registration form. On this page we had 2...

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