CiviCRM Mumbai Meetup: Day Two

2008-01-22 06:25
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The results of the first day of our Mumbai meetup were quite impressive. We successfully knocked out around 7-8 issues.

Day two started out with high energy levels. We divided the day into three sessions.

In the morning session, Piotr introduced us to the world of internationalization and some of the do-s and don’t-s about using ts() (the translation function). He also gave us a demo on using the Pootle-based translation server.

Join Us at Two Upcoming Conferences

2007-02-14 08:05
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Several CiviCRM folks will be attending two upcoming conferences in the San Francisco Bay Area. Both conferences should provide great opportunities to learn, share and network with other folks in the non-profit and open source software communities.

Aspiration will be hosting the 2007 Nonprofit Software Development Summit in Oakland next week (February 21-23). I am looking forward to lively conversations there regarding best practices and trends in FLOSS non-profit software development. Michal Mach from our Polish contingent is hoping to join us there and lead a session on Localisation approaches and challenges. We can also carve out time for an informal CiviCRM "users" gathering if there's interest.

Development team expands into New Zealand ...

2006-11-29 13:10
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As some of you are aware our development team is fairly distributed. We have developers in Mumbai - India, Warsaw - Poland and San Francisco - US. Effective next week, we will have a presence in Nelson - New Zealand. I'm moving to NZ for 9 months and am looking forward to it. You could follow our adventures on my newly created personal blog. If there are any CiviCRM'ers / Drupal'ers in the Nelson area, would be great to form a co-working space, join forces and spread the open source paradigm with organizations in that area.

Dave Greenberg will also be on vacation for a large part of December. We are pretty confident that the rest of the team will do a great job of keeping the project and community moving forward at our normal blistering pace. Feel free to keep them busy and on their toes with a constant supply of feature requests, bug reports and installation issues :)