13 January, 2014

If it’s taking too long, there is a faster way… 

As I was getting ready to print our labels for this year’s Christmas cards, I first needed to add the address for about 80 of our clients in our CiviCRM.    Piece of cake, right?  Yes, if you take advantage of the Batch Update via Profile.   Unfortunately, I was unaware of this feature, so this simple task took me a whole day to complete.  

I performed a search for all of our customers’ employees.  Once the results were displayed, I proceeded to edit each contact that didn’t have an address.   In order to do this, I had to go to every single contact record.  Every time I finished adding and saving the address to a contact, I would have to run the search again and then edit the following contact without an address.  This was time consuming and cumbersome.

What I should have done instead, was: 

Make sure I had a Profile with the correct fields...

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20 December, 2013

The 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference (14NTC) is coming to Washington, DC, March 13-15. Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in the largest gathering of nonprofit professionals that put technology to use for their causes. Register now to attend the 14NTC to learn the latest nonprofit technology tools and trends, to share best practices from your peers, and to take part in all of the networking opportunities that this three-day event has to offer.

There's no shortage of educational experiences at the 2014 NTC. Learn alongside passionate nonprofit professionals who, like you, want to use technology effectively to advance their missions and bring about social change. Breakout sessions,...

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19 December, 2013
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Are you performing a search or an advanced search that returns thousands and thousands of contacts from which you have to select a large number of contacts to perform different actions, such as exporting to a spreadsheet, creating mailing labels, adding them to groups, etc.?   
Instead of just showing the default of 50 contacts/page, you can alter the URL on the search results pages to show more than 100 records at a time.
In order to do this, perform your Search
Look at the bottom of the page when Civi returns all the contacts that meet your search criteria. The default is set to 50.
Change number of rows to show from default 50 to 100 by clicking on 100.
Now look at the end of the URL in your browser (note the crmRowCount value is 100):
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18 December, 2013
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CiviDay2014 (Wed. Jan 29, 2014) will be here before you know it.  Thank you to all of you that have already committed to leading a meetup on this day.  As of now, we will have a CiviDay in 24 locations.  Yay!  That's the same amount we had last year...it would be great to see if we can see a handful more started.
We need everybody's help to create some buzz around this day.  In order to help you spread the word in your network, please feel free to use the following sample tweets: 
Thrilled to attend #CiviDay Jan. 29, 2014 & learn how others are using #CiviCRM. Tweet at me if you'll be there too! [registration link]
Hey @friend, want to come to #CiviDay with me? [registration link]. Great way to learn about #civicrm and how it can help you.
14 November, 2013
By seank

Down here in Bristol, we’ve been putting more bones on the video project and talking to lots of people who want to be involved, so we thought we would give you an update on how things are progressing and what we need from the community at this point in helping developing the plans for the future.

We’ve now assembled 10 complete videos to cover discrete simple actions in CiviCRM and you can see links to these on the wiki. Our aim was to produce finished videos around 2 minutes long, but as you'll see they range from about 1 to about 3 minutes.

We've also been documenting the creation process which will probably be familiar to anyone who has done any video production in the past, but will hopefully be useful to contributors new to this activity. We’ve had some good tips from professionals (...

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08 November, 2013
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CiviCRM has a lot of clever functionality but it isn't always easy to find. I wanted to share with people a very useful feature that is hiding 'in plain sight' on the advanced search form.  I've pointed this out to folks a few times during trainings, and it seems to be something that quite a few people (even those that have been using CiviCRM for a while) have missed.  Maybe this is because there are many other buttons competing for your attention on the advanced search page. Or maybe it's because once you have familiarised yourself with a page, it is easy to miss extra options that appear during upgrades. In any case, here is a quick look at what 'Display results as' can do for you.

Have you ever wanted to

  • search for event participants but found the options in the Find participants screen too limiting? Maybe you want to find all event participants that were also members.
  • search for contacts based on...
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