08 September, 2014
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I am developing a CiviCRM database for a client in WordPress.  This database will supplement and hopefully one day replace a paper-based system spread around several thousand file folders.

The client uses a colour-coding system in these file folders to note the service users’ medical condition. Over time the colour coding has become subconscious to them in the sense that if the files are in an orange folder, they know what condition they are dealing with. The client was keen to carry this colour coding over into the CRM. The trick was getting the CRM to use the correct colour code depending on what condition has been selected.

Here’s how I did it.

The conditions are CiviCRM custom fields.

Screen grab of custom field setup

So first I needed to colour code the initial form that the client uses to input the service users’...

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25 April, 2014

I had fallen into technology almost by accident. As someone who enjoys delivering solutions I often find myself in conversations with people who are trying to build software infrastructures. It spawned a curiosity of technology puzzles. This brought me to Open Source software and I was soon building and configuring WordPress websites, and creating a workspace that allowed me to collaborate with the larger software communities. I have benefited from using open source software and I want to give back.

Dana Skallman

I had done some work with CiviCRM on Drupal sites, focusing solely on the CiviCRM pieces before it was available in WordPress. Now the bulk of the work I do is with WordPress + CiviCRM. As a collective...

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27 September, 2013

One of our clients was wrestling with getting WordPress events to display within their event calendar, and I finally had enough.  We really just needed a simple WordPress widget that displays upcoming CiviCRM events.

[screenshot of the widget]

A couple hours later, voila: the CiviEvent Widget plugin.  It's really straightforward, but you can generate as many widgets as you like, control the title and number of events for each, and choose among two basic appearance options or theme it yourself.

Please let me know what you think, ideas for improving it, and any bugs or limitations you find.

If you're in the Mid-Atlantic and using CiviEvent and/or WordPress, you might consider coming to the...

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22 August, 2013
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The second alpha release of CiviCRM 4.4 is now available for downloading AND you can try it out on the 4.4 sandbox site!

We Need You to Try it Out!

Excited to try the new features in this release? Please do! Great software requires great testers, and you can help. You don't need to be super technical to participate in this way, but your participation will make a huge difference.

  • Download it and either do a fresh install or (better yet) upgrade a test copy of your existing database. Note that this is alpha software and should not be used on production servers.
  • Try to break it! Do all the things you normally do with CiviCRM, try out as much as you can think of.
  • If anything doesn't seem right, please let us know on the ...
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15 August, 2013


Mónica Tapia-Alvarez and Isobel Platts-Dunn

Alternativas y Capacidades


In 2009, with Common Cause International technical assistance and while developing a new citizen advocacy model for educational reform, we assessed the importance of IT solutions for managing members, petitions and donations from a large number of citizens. The IT solutions that US-based organizations used were discarded because their license was extremely expensive for Latin American organizations (Convio annual license cost is around US$50,000) and had in-built US representatives and media that was useless for Latin American contexts.

Through searching for different tools (a search suggested by...

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04 October, 2012
By rajesh
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WordPress is the most popular content management systems in the world and CiviCRM is the most popular open source CRM for non-profits and the civic sector. With CiviCRM 4.1 support for Wordpress, Wordpress users were able to use the most powerful CMS + CRM combination ever.      

But Wordpress lacks the fine grained access control feature, which are very well supported in Drupal and Joomla. In CiviCRM 4.1/4.2 If you want a wordpress user to access CiviCRM, you should give them administrator role, which will allow them to not only access all the CiviCRM Components, but also the administrative pages.    

To overcome this drawback in Wordpress + CiviCRM, Access Control feature (similar to permissions in Drupal) was developed for Wordpress and integrated into CiviCRM core and will be in CiviCRM 4.3 release. This feature is developed as CiviCRM Core and independent of any wordpress plugins (unless you want to create new WP roles). When CiviCRM plugin is activated, all...

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03 October, 2012
By Jag
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Hello There,

I'm pleased to announce the CiviMember Role Sync  Plugin for WordPress is available now.

This Plugin has the same functionality as CiviMember Roles Sync module in Drupal.The Plugin checks the Membership details when the user login/logout and  update the WordPress Role  according to the Rules set in Association Rules .The manual synchronize option is also available.It has one more field to set Expiry Role ie, assign role if the membership is expired.

To download the plugin please click the following link https://github.com/jeevajoy/Wordpress-CiviCRM-Member-Role-Sync

Please read the ...

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07 April, 2012
By lobo

At CiviCon, Gunner from Aspiration Tech facilitated a session with the entire community soliciting feedback, discussion and comments on the project. It was a good opportunity for everyone to give feedback on the state of the project, things that we are doing a good job with, and things that we can improve. We ended up doing a collaborative grouping of the feedback in various categories and sorting the comments.

Some of the positives that are worth highlighting include:

  • Folks loved the responsiveness, culture and support on forums and IRC.
  • The Make It Happen feature is a big hit. The ability to read detailed descriptions on a blog post and comment on that is appreciated.
  • Progressive Tech Project, PalanteTech and core team got quite a few appreciations.
  • Lots of mention of the open welcoming nature and passion of the community.
  • Raising and talking about the gender issue was appreciated.
  • Lots of...
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15 February, 2012

The team is excited to announce the first stable release of version 4.1  - with support for Drupal 7, Drupal 6, Joomla 1.7/2.5, and Wordpress 3.3. You can download the release now from Sourceforge.

We strongly recommend that you upgrade a test copy of your site and review your critical workflows before upgrading your production site. You can also test-drive the release on each platform using the public demos:

Please report any bugs or issues on the appropriate forum board (...

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11 January, 2012
By lobo
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CiviCRM had a very successful year in 2011. The project grew significantly in different areas and we made progress on a few long standing issues. The biggest change in our opinion is the increase in community involvement across all aspects of the project.


  • We had 1 major release  which supported Drupal 6, Joomla 1.5 (v3.4) and Drupal 7, Joomla 1.6 (v4.0). We also had 13 minor releases in 2011. A chart of the types of organizations using CiviCRM can be found here along with the usage of various components.
  • We held the 2nd North America CiviCon in Chicago which was organized by Young-Jin Kim from  Emphanos. The...
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