8-9 May, 2017

CiviCon St Louis

The largest CiviCRM conference in North America

8-9 May, 2017 The largest CiviCRM conference in North America

CiviCRM is the leading open source CRM in the world, powering nearly 11,000 nonprofits and civic sector organizations focused on meaningful impact. As the largest CiviCRM conference in North America, CiviCon St. Louis will showcase the incredible capabilities and community around CiviCRM, offering opportunities and insights into fundraising, communications and overall organizational management. 

CiviCon St. Louis brings together the leading contributors, the CiviCRM Core Team, and a range of end user organizations to share insights and expertise, and to promote CiviCRM as an effective tool used by high performance nonprofits. Join us at CiviCon St. Louis!

Event start date: 
May 8, 2017 - 09:00

CiviCon St. Louis is an opportunity for anyone looking to improve operational performance through use of CiviCRM.

  • Discovery track for new users (May 8th - only $40)
  • Sessions for beginners to experts
  • Case studies and insights from major users
  • 2 day advanced user & admin training
  • 2 day developer training
  • Post conference code sprint
  • Networking receptions

CiviCon - May 8th & 9th, at 560 Music Center
Registration cost $200 
One Day User Discovery: $40

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User, Admin & Developer Training - May 10th & 11th at Clayton Plaza
User & Admin training registration cost - $300
Developer training registration cost - $600

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CiviCRM Sprint - May 10th - May 14th at Clayton Plaza

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