CiviLunch Webinar - Tracking Donor Pledges and Payments

Using CiviCRM to track, report, and collect pledge payments made by donors over time - Presented by Greenleaf Advancement

If you are running a capital campaign, you will likely be asking constituents to make pledges that will be fulfilled over time. CiviCRM has a robust ability to track those pledges and the payments made agaisnt them, including features such as online payments and automatic reminders. If you are going to be running a campaign soon, or are even thinking about it, you shouldn't miss this session.

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CiviLunches are free one hour webinars brought to you by Greenleaf Advancement. Depending on the day they begin at either 12 PM Eastern US, 12 PM Central, or 12 PM Mountain (hence the name CiviLunch).


July 16th, 2020 2:00 PM through  3:00 PM