Thursday, September 3, 2009 - 21:33
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In Toronto consultant Alan Dixon, TechSoup Canada Program Manager Jane Zhang, and Joe Murrray of JMA Consulting will be providing CiviCRM information, training, and advice to NGOs, with a bit of friendly support from Mark Surman, the Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation.

Jane will be leading things off with a Net Tuesday session advertised to about 10,000 social mission and non-profit IT list subscribers. Mark will discuss what Mozilla Service week is all about and how you can be part of the week. Joe will introduce CiviCRM to this broad, tech-savvy and tech-interested non-profit audience, and Alan will help in the Q&A.

On Thursday, while Mark provides a 2 hour Creative Commons clinic to non-profits at the Centre for Social Innovation in a central area, Alan intends to setup shop nearby assisting organizations with CiviCRM questions and specific issues.

Joe is meanwhile going to be offering a half day of CiviCRM training to CiviCRM users. The first session will walk through using CiviCRM for a no-cost outreach event (custom fields and profiles from core CiviCRM, CiviEvent). The second session will look at using CiviCRM to run a Direct Ask fundraising campaign (groups, tags and reports from core CiviCRM, CiviMail, CiviContribute).

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I am interested. From following some links it looks like this is the week of Sept. 14, but where or how is an open question.

Are posted here:

Short version: it's at the Centre for Social Innovation at 215 Spadina, 4th floor, starting at 10 am on September 16.