Tuesday, July 6, 2010 - 04:28
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UPDATE: Dec 17, 2010

dharmatech has contributed a similar module to drupal.

d.o. page:

civi blog:

great job dharmatech!

UPDATE: Dec 2, 2010

I uploaded the module for a CVS account at d.o. Check this page

Please post suggestions

JULY 6, 2010

I have been working on integrating discount system in civicrm for a project. I came across a good blog and implemented it as it is. Then i customized it for role based discounts and many other discounts possibilities. But now i have a requirement to provide a front end to manage coupons as:

1. Add/Delete Coupons

2. Set beginning/expiry date & time for coupon codes

3. Set how many times each coupon code can be used

4. Track coupon code usage on who, when, why and for what purpose it was used.

5. Create sets of random coupon codes with customizable patterns

6. Limit coupon codes for certain events/roles/users/registrations

7. Discounts based on % or Value This is a coupons interface of a existing drupal contrib module "uc_coupon" Soon i will update this page with more information and will be available as siva on #civicrm Cheers!


We're interested in doing membership discounts for specific conferences, etc. and then tracking usage rates on different coupons. Sounds like you're working on a more complex/customizable implementation, which is great.

Thanks for your comment. Please suggest any more options or configurations you think suits your needs.

Great, this is definitely needed. Our interest is in giving discounts on events by type of event and ideally specific events. However, we sometimes use Contribution Pages for payments for events with more complex registration workflows, so it would be great if the discount could work on these, as well.

Thanks for the suggestion & yes, i will try to integrate with contribution pages too. Is it just required on "New Contribution" form or any where else in Contributions section? It would be good if you would elaborate a little about those complex workflows and what places to integrate the coupon system.

This looks great! It's exactly what I need. Any estimate on release date for the module?

I have completed the module using Drupal. But as the module will more usability if it is integrated with CiviCRM, i am working on it. Hope in a month or so i will post updates about that here.

Any update on when this will be released as a module? I can't wait to be able to use this feature!

Hi Isabisa,

I have got engaged in some other work and hence unable to spend time to convert the drupal module into civicrm. I am going through Civicrm API and will try to make it as a plugin for Civicrm.





Did this ever go anywhere?

Also, is it possible to create a coupon code to extend the membership term (i.e., those using the coupon code get a 15 month membership, instead of 12)?