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Sorceforge recently conducted an unscientific twtpoll that yielded interested results. The top four factors in the success of an open source project were:

  1. Good quality code
  2. Developer documentation
  3. interactive community of end users
  4. End user documentation

I think CiviCRM is doing well and continuing to improve on all fronts. For more details, see

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The problem being who is a developer, and who is an end user?  And Drupal has this same problem too.  Is a developer someone who develops CiviCRM core, or someone who uses the APIs?  If the former, there is almost no documentation.  The API documentation on the other hand, especially v3, is getting pretty good. 

"The API documentation on the other hand, especially v3, is getting pretty good. "



Pleased to hear you think so! Unfortunately there is next to nothing on the wiki or in the floss manual on apiv3 at this stage. So although there is good documentation (ajax/docs, examples folder, phpdoc generated documentation) it is not obvious where to find it unless you have been following


Offers to help transfer knowledge onto the wiki & floss much appreciated. We'll even tell you about the undocumented features :-)



Personally WRT core documentation I'd like to see a real effort to improve the function level documentation & to be able to access a phpdoc version of that

Just read a blog recently that gave a detailed analysis of growing and maintaining open source projects as related to the bugzilla project.


Might be good to get feedback from the community to see how CiviCRM as an open source project compares. The only issue that really stands out is #1 under 'Removing the Barriers.' Providing a list of easy starting projects for new community members might ease the learning curve provide a good entry point and a quick win.