CiviCRM Congressional Districts Module

Part of the Sunlight Congressional Districts module.  Provides a way to automatically get congressional district information about your contacts into CiviCRM using the Sunlight Congress API.

CiviCRM Realname

Implements hook_username_alter() so that, if available and non-empty, the CiviCRM "Display name" is shown in place of the Drupal login name for username displays.

CiviCRM Cron

Use Drupal's cron to call CiviCRM's cron. CiviCRM's cron can (and should) be called directly from the command line, but this is a simple way to define the user, pass, and sitekey used in the CiviCRM url and call CiviCRM's cron when it's not possible or convenient to configure CiviCRM's cron.

Webform CiviCRM Integration

Powerful and very popular module provides a smart form builder and processor leveraging Drupal Webform module for CiviCRM.

CiviCRM private report

Drupal project page: http://drupal.org/project/civicrm_private_report

This module allows users to create their own private copies of CiviCRM reports, which they can modify and save to meet their needs, without relying on an administrative user to create the report, and without having access to administer reports themselves. This way users can easily have the data they need, without affecting reports that are relied upon by other users.

CiviCRM Content Type Groups

This module allows for content types in Drupal to be mirrored with groups in CiviCRM.


This module requires the CiviCRM module.

Similar projects

  • CiviCRM Taxonomy Groups - allows for taxonomy vocabularies and terms within Drupal to be mirrored with groups in CiviCRM.


The development of this module is sponsored by Nomensa.

CiviCRM Multiday Event

CiviCRM Multiday Event creates multiple entity based events associated to a single Drupal node linked to a single CiviCRM Event. The duration of the CiviCRM Event last from the start date and time of the first session to the ending date and time of the last session. So if you have a class that meets every Friday in May, Drupal will display 4 events (5/4, 5/11, 5/18, and 5/25). CiviCRM will only have 1 event running from 5/4-5/25.