Advanced Import

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Last updated: 2023-11-08

Works with CiviCRM 5.60 or higher.

Aims to fill the gap for the following type of needs:

  • Imports that can be configured/programmed once, then let CiviCRM administrators handle the regular imports of data.
  • Easy workflows that don't ask too many questions (field mappings, file/format options).
  • Support imports from various data sources, such as Excel, OpenDocument or custom formats (ex: fixed-width text files).
  • Easy review of errors, re-importing only rows that had errors (once the issue that caused the error is fixed).
  • Tracks which row of data modified which CiviCRM entity (ex: helps to review that the import worked as expected).
  • Supports large files (as long as your server allows uploading them, it has been tested with Excel files with an average of 50,000 rows).
  • Can regularly run imports using a Scheduled Job, assuming a custom 'helper' that fetches data from a remote location (ex: from a third-party service) or a specific location on disk.
  • The contact import from core can have a column called "tags" (the name must be exact), with a list of either tag names or IDs (separated by ";"), in order to add multiple tags at once.
  • The API3 Contribution import can match contacts based on their external_identifier.

Out of the box, this extension supports importing APIv3 entities (similar to csvimport, although csvimport has been more extensively tested).

This extension is intended as a base extension so that developers can write their own import scripts, without re-inventing the wheel every time (error handling, file parsing, etc).

This extension requires PHP 7.4 or later.

For improvements to the core import, where admins can specify their own mappings (and better performance and error handling than the old core import), the new civi-import core extension is strongly recommended.