Aggregate household contributions report

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Last updated: 2016-06-22

Works with CiviCRM 4.6. It might not be supported anymore.


Most organizations that keep track of Household relationships in CiviCRM eventually find that their contribution records are spread across a mix of individuals and households: some contributions attributed to the Smith Household, others to John Smith, and still others to Mary Smith. But when you've taken the time to keep good Household records, you probably want to relate to your contacts as households at times, especially in your fundraising campaigns, where it can really matter, for example, how much the entire household has given in the past year.
The Aggregated Household Contribution report offers a way to report accurately on exactly that type of question.

How it works

The primary intent of this report is to present all individual contacts in a household, along with the household contact itself, as one entity, which we call an Aggregated Household. All contributions for those various individual contacts are then attributed to that Aggregated Household. All of John Smith's contributions, Mary Smith's contributions, and the Smith Household's contributions are attributed to the Aggregated Household known as "The Smith Household". Individual contacts who don't belong to a household are counted as their own Aggregated Household entity, named after the individual, and are treated like any other Aggregated Household. Once this aggregation is done, this report will apply its filters to determine which Aggregated Households will appear in the report output.

Learn more

See in the git repo for complete coverage of this report's functionality.