CiviCRM AutoGroup extension

This extension allows you to choose a set of groups which will be added to new contacts if the logged in contact is also in that group.

e.g. If Staff member Wilma is in the group 'Region: Birmingham' and Wilma adds a new contact, it can automatically add the new contact into 'Region: Birmingham' group.

Why this was created

If you are using Access Control Lists (ACLs) to restrict access based on groups, e.g. a client of ours has a regional model whereby staff in different regions only access contacts for that region, then it's annoyingly easy to add a contact and immediately lose access to it because you forgot to add them into your regional group.

But you may find it useful for other purposes, too.

Install and configuration.

Install is pretty simple, nothing special here. If it's lucky enough to get listed you may be able to do it with a click from within CiviCRM. Otherwise download the zip file and unzip it in your extensions directory and then click install on the extensions list page.

Configuration is done by <yoursite>/civicrm/admin/autogroup - you should find a "Configure AutoGroup" link under the Administer menu. Note that you need 'administer CiviCRM' permission to access the configuration.

On that page you'll see a list of all your groups. Select the ones you want the extension to auto-add. (To select more than one hold Ctrl key as you click them, or for Mac users, it's probably the option key.) then press Save.


  • Only normal groups are listed. (i.e. not mailing groups and not access groups).

  • If you don't select any, the extension does nothing.

  • If you add a new group and you want it to auto-add to new contacts, you'll need to use the configure page again; new groups default NOT to be included.

Ideas people, coding people

This has been created for a specific client's needs, but made as an extension as it seemed to me to be a potentially common issue.

There are phpunit tests for the functionality.

Currently it's very simple, simplistic even. Please use the Issue Queue to discuss any improvements. Please also note that a more general nuts-and-bolts solution to your problem may be found in using CiviRules instead.

Enjoy :-)

Rich Lott, Artful Robot
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