BP Groups CiviCRM Sync

Development Status
This plugin is specific to WordPress. Information on how to install should be provided in the description of the project.
A port of the Drupal civicrm_og_sync module for WordPress that enables two-way synchronisation between BuddyPress Groups and CiviCRM. It does not rely on any core CiviCRM files, since any required (or adapted) methods are included.
For each BuddyPress group, the plugin will automatically create two CiviCRM groups:
  • A "normal" (mailing list) group containing a contact record for each corresponding BuddyPress group member. This group is assigned the same name as the linked BuddyPress group.
  • An "ACL" group containing the contact record of the administrators of the corresponding BuddyPress group. This gives BuddyPress group admins the ability to view and edit members of their group in CiviCRM.
When a new user is added to (or joins) a BuddyPress group, they are automatically added to the corresponding CiviCRM group. Likewise, when a contact is added to the "normal" CiviCRM group, they will be added as a member to the corresponding BuddyPress group. If a contact is added to the CiviCRM "ACL" group, they will be added to the BuddyPress group as an administrator.