Capitalisation Corrector

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Last updated: 2016-06-09

Works with CiviCRM 4.6. It might not be supported anymore.


The Capitalisation Corrector is a CiviCRM extension that creates a scheduled job that corrects the capitalisation of contact's first and last name. Only contacts of the type 'Individual' are corrected and only names that are in all lowercase or all uppercase will be corrected.

Installation and Usage

To install and use the extension you just need to enable it. It's that simple!

Only names that are in all lowercase or all uppercase will be corrected, changing the first letter of the name to uppercase and setting the remaining letters in lowercase! The extension will run a daily scheduled job that will correct a set number of contacts. The default number of contacts analysed each day is 500 but it can be changed on the scheduled job settings.

Implementation details

This extension creates a Civi scheduled job that, each day, scans 500 contacts and corrects the capitalisation on their names if needed.


To change the number of contacts scanned by the extension just access the 'Scheduled Jobs' page under 'Administer'-> 'System Settings' -> 'Scheduled Jobs' menu.

There edit the 'Contacts.CorrectNameCasesJob' scheduled job. You can set the parameter 'contactsToCorrectEachRun' to any number you desire, this number will be the number of contacts scanned each day by the extension.

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