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Last updated: 2023-10-03

Works with CiviCRM 5.60 or higher.

Are you a non profit with Rooms or Resources that you think you could raise money by renting out? Or are you a community center or voluntary service looking to manage your resources better? Sick of spreadsheets, emails and that Google calendar that no one keeps up to date? Then CiviBooking is the extension for you!

  • You can create a list of resources which are available to be booked (we call these limited resources as once they're booked, they're gone!)
  • These are shown in a fancy calendar type screen so you can see what’s available super easily.
  • Contacts in the database can book one of more of these by using the booking wizard.
  • Contacts can add unlimited resources to the bookings (tea's, coffee's, solar energy...)
  • Contacts can add additional charges, discounts and calculate a price based on what’s booked.
  • You can make provisional bookings and come back and edit them later.
  • You can cancel bookings, applying a cancellation charge if necessary.

Oh and of course everything integrates super nicely with search, contact tabs, CiviContribute for payments and some other tricks and tweaks along the way.

New in CiviBooking 1.6 (September 2023)

  • Compatibility with CiviCRM 5.65 or later
  • SearchKit and Api4 support

New in CiviBooking 1.5 (2018)

  •  New CiviBooking permissions
  •  Improved consistency of permission structure for managing bookings
  •  Improved CiviCRM version compatibility
  •  Improved menu handling
  •  Fixed day view criteria
  •  Fixed additional charge modal problem

Booking Calendar View

The is a Drupal 7 module - Booking Calendar. This module utilises CiviCRM Entity module and Drupal Views to create a public calendar view for booking related information. The calendars can be either based on bookings or the resources you enabled for CiviBooking.

2023 update: interested in SearchKit or CiviCalendar integration? Let us know!


CiviBooking was developed and maintained by Compuco since 2013 (hat/tip to Guanhuan, Erawat and many others from Compuco, as well as the GMCVO folks). Since 2023 the extension is minimally community-maintained on CiviCRM's Gitlab by bgm.