CiviCRM Certify

This module is used to "certify" participants of CiviEvents. A certification in this context is adding a CiviCRM contact to a CiviCRM group and keeping a record of that transaction.

Certifications can occur automatically as participants change status (using CiviCRM API), or in bulk for any event by using the 'sync' tab on the Certification Rule.

Certification Rule

Concept borrowed from CiviEvent Autogroup. The rule is a Drupal entity and has an admin UI. The rule specifies the CiviEvent type and the participant status needed along with the CiviGroup to assign.


This is the certification itself. It is a fieldable Drupal entity with an admin UI. When a Participant meets the criteria of a certification rule, they are given this certification as a record of that transaction. The participant is added to the group specified in the rule as part of the certification process.

Certifications Tab

CC now has a certifications tab on the profile page of the CiviCRM contact.

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