CiviCRM private report

Development Status
This module is specific to Drupal. Information on how to install should be provided in the description of the project.

Drupal project page:

This module allows users to create their own private copies of CiviCRM reports, which they can modify and save to meet their needs, without relying on an administrative user to create the report, and without having access to administer reports themselves. This way users can easily have the data they need, without affecting reports that are relied upon by other users.

Key features

  • Each user has a private space for reports visible and editable by that user alone.
  • Users can copy any report that they can access into their own private report space.
  • CiviCRM's native listings of available reports do not show user-private reports, but do provide a link to the user's own list of private reports.
  • Any user-private report is accessible only by the user who created that report, with the exception of administrative users.
  • Administrative users can view any user-private report and may promote it to site-wide availability (that is, removing the private ownership status of the report).


This project is developed and maintained by NS Web Solutions.