CiviCRM Represent Open North Integration

This project provides a kind of webservices integration between a CiviCRM (Drupal-based only, Canada-specific) installation and the Represent Open North web service at

It allows the CiviCRM install to look up and store representative data for its constituents, both as a background cron task and/or as a realtime lookup.

It can be used in combination with the CiviCRM Webform integration module for "email my MP/MPP/City Councillor" in Canada, without requiring any statscan-licensed data. It can also be used to generate groups from your constituents based on political boundaries, and auto-generate lists of political representatives (e.g. all MPs, all Toronto Councillors, etc.). 

It's not a plug-and-play extension and requires you to understand and plan how to use it. The project page and setup information is hosted here:

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