CiviREBUX : Native Report Building Extension

CiviREBUX is a native CiviCRM extension for drafting custom Contribution and Membership reports via a drag-n-drop interface. CiviREBUX combines powerful visualization and transformation techniques which gives users full capabilities of modern browsers and freedom to design the right elements for their reports. CiviREBUX also supports saving and loading of report templates for later use.

CiviREBUX integrates seamlessly within your CiviCRM Dashboard and goes live seconds after installing the extension. CiviREBUX is a mix of the most popular desktop-based spreadsheet software and fast browser applications - easily, a spreadsheet software running on your browser.

Here is a short video on what CiviREBUX looks like in action.

Find more details about extension, installation instructions and new features here.


This extension was developed by Pranay, a final-year undergraduate student from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur during the Google Summer of Code 2016, under the mentorship of Brian Shaughnessy and Jaap Jansma. Feel free to connect with him on Facebook or shoot him an email at

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