CiviSEPA - SEPA Direct Debit Extension

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Last updated: 2019-08-26

Works with CiviCRM 4.6. It might not be supported anymore.

If you are in Europe and use CiviCRM to manage recurring contributions, you need this extension.

Warning: upgrading to 1.4

A lot has changed with version 1.4, be sure to test well before upgrading your live environment.

SEPA Direct Debit Module

This branch is currently maintained by Björn Endres (SYSTOPIA,

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  • Single (OOFF) and recurring (RCUR) direct debit payments
  • Dashboard gives you great status overview
  • Payment processer for online donations and event registrations
  • Automatic BIC lookup if Little BIC Extension in installed
  • UI to manipulate mandates
  • Full SEPA group life cycle: 'open'-'closed/sent'->'received'
  • Record SEPA payment action and form for contacts
  • Mandate reports including sequential fail count
  • Manual batching with parameters for notice period and horizon
  • Automatic adjustment of late OOFF and RCUR transactions
  • Retry failed collections (semi-automatic)
  • Integration with CiviBanking