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Last updated: 2020-04-26

Works with CiviCRM 5.24 or higher.

This extension provides integration with Xero accounting package. It requires the supporting extension - more details are in the README file

General functionality

  • create contacts in Xero based on them being created (or having had a contribution or recurring contribution) created in CiviCRM. You can configure which of those 3 will cause them to be created in Xero
  • update contacts in Xero based on the contact or contact details having been updated in CiviCRM
  • adds a link to the contact summary to the Xero record
  • adds a link from the contact summary to the contact's transaction history in Xero
  • creates invoices in Xero based on contributions in CiviCRM (and adds a link in CiviCRM)
  • where a pending contribution has a payment matched in Xero the CiviCRM contribution is updated (which participant records, memberships etc also being updated & emails sent as configured)
  •  where a contribution is voided or cancelled in Xero it can also be cancelled in CiviCRM
  •  coding & descriptions of contacts & invoices in Xero can be altered by hook

Xero Links in CiviCRM Contact Record

Note that it is not expected that this extension is ready to use without assistance from a developer or someone with IT skills. In particular there are challenges around the initial sync & merging that can be quite customer specific & require some problem solving. Also, not all aspects have a UI. For this reason, and due to the dependency, there are no current plans to make this downloadable / set the version to 'stable'