Contact 2 Organic Group



The purpose of this module is to create a Drupal organic group for certain contact records in CiviCRM. 
This can be helpful when each contact represents a real-world organization/club/entity that also wants a space to collaborate.

One-time Configurations:

1) Determine which contact records you want organic groups for.  Update the SQL on line 122  of file "bin/contact_2_og_util.php" to match your criteria. 
2) In the Drupal admin area, configure a node type to represent your Organic Group node type. ( i.e. follow the usual og setups at )
3) Add a new field to the node type from step 2. It should be of data type "CiviCRM Contact Reference". ( Suggestion: Make this a required field) 
4) search in the file in this module for the phrase "TODO".   You will need to match the code to the og node type you are using, and the CCK field name for the CiviCRM contact reference.     

How to run the batch script:

(suggestion: add this to CRON to automate this process) 
 This script will not create a new organic group if one already exists for a given contract record.
  This relies on the configuration that every organic group has a field that points back to the contact record. 
There is more detail in the README file within this module.


This module was sponsored by Pogstone, Inc.  
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