Direct Debit for Membership Extras

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Last updated: 2023-09-18

Works with CiviCRM 5.51 or higher.

Is Direct Debit for Membership Extras for me?

If you are a UK-based organisation that collects Direct Debit from your customers in a regular basis, this could be the right extension for you. This extension could potentially work with EU based SEPA too.

Direct Debit for Membership Extras is designed to give organisations control over every step of a typical Direct Debit process while help automating the repetitive tasks.

Please note that Direct Debit for Membership Extras is a companion extension of our Membership Extras extension. Membership Extras is designed to overcome many challenges that prevent CiviCRM from being a great membership management system. It is required as an dependency of Direct Debit for Membership Extras.

Direct Debit batch management

Direct Debit batch is a very cost-efficient way for processing Direct Debit transactions. Direct Debit for Membership Extras operates on the Direct Debit batch process. Two types of batches are included in the extension for different transaction types:

  • New instruction batch - allow selecting and batching any newly submitted Direct Debit mandates
  • Payment collection batch - allow selecting and batching any Direct Debit contributions that link to approved Direct Debit mandates

An AUDDIS standard export can be generated for any type of batch so that they can be submitted to online Direct Debit processing portals such as PT-X.

Multi-originator support

Direct Debit for Membership Extras understands the common structure which multiple business entities exist in one organisation. Therefore, the extension supports multiple originators throughout it’s whole process. This allows organisations to manage their income stream for all business entities within a single CRM.

Direct Debit emails and letters

With Direct Debit for Membership Extras, the following actions in the Direct Debit process will also be recorded as activities in the system:

  • New Direct Debit Recurring Payment
  • Update Direct Debit Recurring Payment
  • Direct Debit Payment Collection Reminder
  • Offline Direct Debit Auto-renewal
  • Direct Debit Mandate Update

Scheduled reminders can be created basing on these activities to automate the corresponding communications. The extension also provides five custom made message templates that will magically populate Direct Debit related information when used in scheduled reminders.

Staff can also choose to manually send Direct Debit emails or download Direct Debit letters in Contribution/ Membership search results by using Direct Debit bulk actions and selecting any of the five templates.

Smart Debit integration (coming soon)

We are also planning to integrate Direct Debit for Membership Extras with Smart Debit soon which will probably make the extension “less manual” :)

How do I get Direct Debit for Membership Extras?

Manual is designed to work with CiviCRM 4.7.x or 5.x plus. If you are on an earlier version of CiviCRM, you will need to upgrade your site first or contact if you needs assistance to do so.

If your CiviCRM is already on CiviCRM 4.7.x or 5.x plus and this is the first time you use an extension, please see Here for full instructions and information on how to set and configure extensions.

To use Direct Debit for Membership Extras, you will need to firstly install a dependency extension - Membership Extras. You can get the latest release of Membership Extras from CiviCRM extension directory page or our Github repository release page.

If you are using Drupal and you would like to use Direct Debit for Membership Extras with Webform CiviCRM, you can simply download and install the Membership Extras companion Drupal module and the Direct Debit companion Drupal module and there you have it!