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Last updated: 2012-01-08

Works with CiviCRM 4.2. It might not be supported anymore.

This is a civicrm extension to export directly into an excel format instead of the default csv. If you never had any problem with opening a csv into excel, this extension won't help you (and you are likely to be a US user dealing with english names)

The goal is to free you from the csv->excel hell. The later has been proven guilty of the following charges:

  • stubornly ignoring that unicode exists since 1992.
  • defaulting to the braindead latin1 (sorry, braindead Windows-1252)
  • doesn't offer the option to choose a sane char encoding
  • and considering that the C in CSV stands for "Semi column" in excel in germany and france and ...
  • being inconsistent with the US/UK version where C stands for Comma
  • screwing up badly anytime there is a newline in one of the field
  • doesn't offer the option to chose the column separator.