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CiviCRM extension to add extra options to contribution & event pages This extension is dependent on the entity setting extension

Options added are

  1. ability to choose an alternate thank you page instead of standard CiviCRM landing page
  2. ability to specify a relationship that is created when someone is registered 'on behalf' (ie. with cid=0 in the url)
  • if you want this to be permissioned you might want to use the relatedpermission extension as well

Expected additions in the future are

  1. ability to make a page 'renewal only' - ie. price set options for memberships the user does not currently have are not displayed (based on
  2. ability to make forms ONLY accept recurring contributions

WARNING installing the entity settings extension can cause faulty html in core to be reported as an error - in particular there is a problem with the event page css. I did try to fix this but the fix was not OK for core - however, I am running the fix in our 4.4 deployment of CiviCRM. I now think the problem might be that there are tags interspersed with a In any case you will see an ugly but harmless but of code at the bottom of the event pages. This is because the entity setting extension renders the page's html in the alterContent hook & the html on the event pages is not valid in 4.4