Gift Memberships

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Last updated: 2015-10-12

Works with CiviCRM 4.6. It might not be supported anymore.

This extension gives users the ability to purchase gift memberships for others. Users pay for gift membership codes which can be redeemed online. The person who redeems the code will get a free membership. The gift codes are saved on the contribution record that was used to purchase them. Below is how this extension works in detail.

Live example: (Gift Membership Purchase Page) (Gift Membership Activation Page)

How to Set Up Gift Memberships

The extension creates two new input types for price fields. To get started you will either have to create a new priceset or add the fields to an existing priceset.

Gift Membership Field

When selected a select box of membership types appear for you to choose from. Whichever one you choose is the type of membership that can be purchased with this field. After that you can do all the normal things you do with a pricefield, setting the price, display amount ...etc. Once done with the priceset just add it to any contribution page and the setup is complete.

Redeem Gift Membership Field

This is field is where people will enter their codes to get memberships someone else has purchased. You should have a seperate priceset for redeeming gifts. However you can still add other price fields. For example if you wanted to have an additional donation field in addition to the redeem membership field you could do that. To get started create a new price field and select the input option “Redeem Gift Membership”. The price and display amount options will be hidden because they are not needed for this input type. Once you are done with the price set attach it to another contribution page.

How the Gift Memberships Work

Purchasing Gift Memberships

1. The user fills out the gift membership fields, there could be multiple gift membership fields on one contribution page.

2. Once they complete payment the gift codes will be listed on the thank you page. They will also receive and email with the codes and what membership level they can be redeemed for.

Redeeming Gift Memberships

1. The user goes to the contribution page with the redeem membership field and enters their code.

2. If the code has been used or in not correct they will receive an error message.

3. If the code is validated then they are sent to the confirmation page where it will show.

4. Once they complete the process they are made a member and the source is recorded as a gift membership from whomever purchased the membership. Once the code has been used to create a membership it cannot be used again.

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