NameName spam contact custom search

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Last updated: 2016-04-28

Works with CiviCRM 4.2. It might not be supported anymore.

A simple custom CiviCRM search to find contacts that have the same first and last name (often these contacts are spam and can be purged.)

How to Use

Install by cloning to your CiviCRM extensions directory and then enabling as usual for CiviCRM extensions. This will create a new search under "Custom Searches" (civicrm/contact/search/custom/list?reset=1) called "NameName (Spam search for first name = last name)".

Click on "NameName". This should take you to a page titled "Search For Spam Entries Where First Name = Last Name" which has a search button on it. Click the Search button.

You will see a list of Individual contacts on your site that have the same first and last name. Now you can use the Actions menu to do what you want (group/export/delete/etc.).