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Last updated: 2023-09-19

Works with CiviCRM 5.63 or higher.

ReportPlus extends the default CiviCRM Form's Framework adding new features


  • Drag & Drop display column selection
  • Collapsable filters grouped by Entity
  • CiviCRM Basic Report enhanced (as Contribution Detail/Summary, Membership Detail/Summary, etc)
  • All Entity fields are available as column, order by and filter in basic reports
  • Permissions for access and administer
  • Extra CSV export features for encoding selection, separator, enclose, etc
  • Export to Excel out-of-the-box (until 2.3.3, then it will depend on civiexportexcel extension)
  • ChartJS library included to render graphs
  • New type of Report Template called Matrix, where you can select 2 dimensions (columns, rows) and stats for several entities
  • And some more...
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